The Irresponsibility Of The Mainstream Media

People Laughing In The Streets

No one is denying the impact that the coronavirus is having on our society. Over 400 deaths in the United States alone and thousands overseas, COVID-19 has earned its place in the history books. But the media has also earned its place in the history books for the paranoia that it has been instilling in people’s minds. The irresponsibility of the media needs to stop before the next generation of journalists come into power.

So what exactly is irresponsible about the mainstream media? The panic that they are contributing to. Rather than comforting the millions of viewers who are sitting at home in tears, not knowing how they will pay their next month’s bills, they continue to provide us with 24/7 news on how deadly this virus is and how we should all practice “social distancing.

What is portrayed in the media does not match what can be observed in the streets. And why is that? Because people are slowly losing interest in what they have to say. Take a look for yourself at what you can see in the streets: people are casually walking their dogs, families are strolling in parks, friends are smoking cigarettes and laughing, food vendors are in good spirits and selling Halal, etc.

Should we mention all the spring breakers partying on the beaches of Florida and the west coasters getting high and exercising on the beaches of sunny California? This is not meant to deny the importance of social distancing; we should continue to listen to our leaders and health officials on the recommendations of dealing with the coronavirus.

But it would be nice if the media did not secretly care so much about headlines and numbers, and rather report some positive news from time to time. Talking about COVID-19 24/7 is promoting paranoia, anxiety, substance use and depression in the population; people are also committing suicide! If this is not irresponsibility than I don’t know what is.

This is not meant to bash the mainstream media with the intent of hating. We here at The DSM Ready Community do not slide on hate; love is our passion. Our goal is to work with the mainstream media and help them realize that we the people want positive and honest news that does not scare us 24/7. I’m sure they can find a way of delivering other news that does not focus on the coronavirus all the time.

Only by focusing on various positive topics in the news, will people more effectively recover from this traumatic COVID experience and get on with their lives again.

Together we will!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

20 Replies to “The Irresponsibility Of The Mainstream Media”

  1. I agree. I’m trying to only post positive things to get people to refocus their minds. I’m not the media so I can do this. If they also were to report on the numbers of recoveries, people would feel more of a sense of hope, instead of feeling hopeless and throwing caution to the wind.

    Peace, Tamara

  2. I felt so stressed out after reading the news that now I only read updates from health sources, like CDC and WHO. I also limit it to twice a day now.

      1. Thanks for the advice! I feel so much better now that I don’t read the news as often as I used to.

  3. I agree. The mainstream media needs to be held responsible for the panic and stress they caused which helped create havoc that everyone is suffering from now whether it be in the economic sense or health due to the anxiety.

  4. If there’s a way to grab a hold of the puppet strings, then in the least we are fighting a common enemy rather than each other. What justification does the media have for such behaviour? Reaction. They are selling their stories. As consumers, we should have a collective oversight of the media that we engage in so we may see a healthier expression in the future. As always keep up the excellent work!

  5. That is just the tip of the iceberg, as it is more what is associated by it such as power/status & control. They will continue business as usual as long as it is profitable and that they are able. I know the bigger they are the harder they fall and I relish the day that they will come crashing down. Now that would be worth seeing, but it would likely involve hyperinflation to where $ is no longer of value.

    1. Well we don’t want to wish bad upon anyone – we don’t do that when we’re part of The DSM Ready Community! We’re all about love and happiness πŸ™‚

      1. You’re right, and to be clear I meant the media in itself and the actions of others. Seeing as it is, it is extremely difficult to show love and kindness towards such agencies that prey on you in a variety of ways. Sure, the people behind the scenes are simply that – people. Thank you!

      2. Yes they are . . . people who go home to their families but work for an organization who cares about profit. But people at the end of the day . . . who deserve love.

  6. Whenever they post what is the latest on the curve, I will listen. Then when the commentary comes on, I change the channel. Great post about a real problem.

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