The Different Chapters Of Life

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Life Is Made Up Of Many Different Chapters

There are moments in life when you start to realize that things may not be going your way. You start to realize that it’s the beginning of a new chapter but you also start to worry that it may not go your way. Sometimes you start telling yourself that it may be the worst four months of your life that are about to follow. You even wake up sad asking yourself, “Do I even want to go to work today? Do I even enjoy what I do?”

What you are experiencing when this is happening is the transitioning from an old chapter in your life into a new one. No one likes transitions; it’s human nature to feel uncomfortable with changes and to prefer to remain in one place with everything already going your way. But life has many different chapters in store for you and when these changes are ready to happen, it means that it’s time to finish an old chapter and start a new one.

Sometimes you have to hop onto a new chapter in order to improve. You might not recognize the improvements at first but in the long run, you’ll come to appreciate the new chapter that was opened up to you. This is because your new chapter may be cloudy at first; everyone handles changes differently. Some people have a harder time letting go of previous chapters in their life and moving on; these are the ones who have a lot of potential to benefit from future changes.

Just remember that you are not the only one who dislikes changes in life. Many people experience difficulty moving on in life and you have to remind yourself this whenever you are feeling down. The last person that you want to be angry with is yourself. It may or may not be your fault that you are experiencing a new chapter, but you never want to take it out on yourself or others. Just go with the flow and begin the new chapter as life has it set up for you.

In the end, experiencing the different chapters of life helps shape you into the person you are. Don’t fear change but learn to let go of your past and accept your new future. It’s not easy to step out of your comfort zone, but it feels awesome once you get the hang of your new chapter and start noticing the benefits and positive changes in your character and in your life. Don’t be discouraged when the road becomes bumpy and you start feeling insecure and uncertain with yourself; we all go through it!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Worried About Tomorrow

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Uncomfortable Feeling In My Chest

Tomorrow is never promised, but how about today? The uncomfortable feeling one feels in their chest is certainly something to be worried about. Think of it like a Life’s Good (LG) washing machine, spinning all of your insecurities in one place, expecting them to be washed away of all the dirt. But oftentimes, the stains are still present the very next day after waking up.

Waking up the next day with a bunch of emotional stains and a stinky washing machine that apparently does you no good, you begin to feel even more weight piling on your chest as you make your way to school or work. You either end up having a good day which takes away some of the pain, or a terrible one, which cranks up the noise like a washing machine on high speed.

But no matter how many days that you go through, you just can’t seem to get rid of this monster of a worry hibernating in the center of your chest. Is this the monster under our bed which has been plaguing us since the days of watching Sesame Street? Perhaps it has taken residence within us all these years, only making its presence known as we grow older.

Is there a way to stop being worried about tomorrow? The inherent fear about something bad happening tomorrow is experienced by many people; some call it anticipatory anxiety. Maybe it’s a new person in your life who you don’t feel comfortable talking to, or maybe you’re afraid that you will do something bad at work, exposing your vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

There is a solution: remaining confidently calm, praying to God for guidance and enjoying life for what it brings you. There is no true way of getting rid of worries, but you can definitely live a happy and comfortable life while still experiencing them. The key is to avoid consistently paying attention to them; the more that you keep your eyes focused on these worries, the more that they will take advantage of your state of mind.

Your state of mind is as valuable as your organs throughout your body. Without a healthy state of mind, you become like a fully equipped vehicle with no GPS guiding you in the right direction. Freestyling your way throughout life is certainly not the path that you want to take, unless you really want to be worried about tomorrow!

We will always feel worried about tomorrow, but at least we can worry peacefully if we enter a right state of mind. You can start tapping into this state of mind today, by remaining confidently calm, praying to God for guidance and enjoying life for what it brings you. This doesn’t start tomorrow. It doesn’t start today. It starts now.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Scared Of The Future

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The Road That Lies Ahead

With so much pressure to keep improving and bettering yourself, many question marks remain about your future. When you attempt to visualize it, your dreams become apparent in your mind’s eye. But in addition to your dreams, the reality that truly lies in the future is pure darkness; you don’t know what tomorrow will bring you!

No one can predict their future. Even if you know that something is supposed to happen next week, is that guaranteed at all? Life always manifests unpredictable events; some bad and some good. But you never truly know what lies in your future. For instance, take a look at the rapper Juice Wrld: he was flying with his crew on a private jet when all of a sudden, he had a seizure in the airport and passed away at the age of 21!

The unpredictabilities that lie in the future can be very scary and anxiety-provoking. Not knowing what life has in store for you tomorrow, is actually quite frightening if you sit down to think about it! Many people experience injuries, losses, sad news and even death when they least expect it.

But does this mean that we should live a guarded and fearful life? Absolutely not. You would be making a grave mistake if you did, because when you live a guarded and fearful life, you are preventing yourself from flourishing; you are essentially half-alive. Do not give power to fear, because once fear senses a little weakness within you, it starts coming at you even harder!

Regardless of not knowing what your future has in store for you, you need to wake up every day and do your best! Live a life of dignity and happiness, even if you are going through difficult times. You are always in a better position than someone else is. And keep your complaints to a minimum. So what if you are eating the same sandwich for lunch 5 days a week! Do you think the homeless person down the street from you has it any better?

Keep dreaming and living your life in the present. Don’t dwell so much as to what is going to happen in the future.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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