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Porn: A Lusty Haven Designed for Destruction

Porn feeds on the weakness of human beings. What is brilliant about it is that it utilizes weak human beings to capitalize on others’ weaknesses. While it’s not right to judge others and call them weak, their actions is all we have to go by; unless you know them on a personal level.

Porn is nothing but a pleasure haven designed for the destruction of the soul via physical means. By filming consensual adults having sex and performing other lusty behaviors, the human mind becomes extremely entertained. What is even more terrible about it is that it has the power to attract people who are married.

About 50% of American men would rather watch porn than to sleep with their wives. What separates the two is that a pornographic girl can do whatever you desire; there’s a video for that too! But a wife cannot fulfill her husband’s every fantasy; sexual acts come with different personalities.

Porn also makes people view their spouses differently; they no longer are as sexually attracted to them, because they cannot obtain that same level of pleasure which porn provides them with. It has a lot to do with dopamine released by the Nucleus Accumbens, or the reward center of the human brain.

Porn hijacks the reward center and promotes the release of high quantities of dopamine. When a man sleeps with his wife the following day, way less dopamine is released; unless his wife is banging that is (no pun intended)! And so that explains the deteriorating marriages due to porn.

By hijacking the brain, crumbling relationships and increasing the desire for more, porn puts the user in a vulnerable position for spiritual destruction. Imagine a person sitting at his laptop masturbating, while his face is slowly turning demonic; figuratively speaking, his values, morals and principles are slowly dissipating.

Don’t do porn. You’re much better than it.

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