Why We Act The Way We Do

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Hidden Meanings From The Past

Sometimes we just can’t seem to understand why we think, act or behave in a certain way; we scratch our head with no avail. This often leads to frustration and negative chatter within our mind. And it gets worse when the pattern repeats itself; eventually we give in and no longer care how we act.

That is when relationship problems arise; we dig our hole even deeper. Others become pissed at us. Now we scratch our soul, “what the hell is going on with me!” We can’t seem to figure it out. We start overanalyzing our thoughts, “can it be this or that?” We fall deeper down the rabbit hole.

Another day, week or month passes by and we’re still puzzled by our behavior. Unfortunately, some turn to alcohol use to relieve the stress; that’s another rabbit hole altogether. Others enter therapy hoping to find the answer, while others give up and accept themselves for who they are.

What is really happening to us stems from our unconscious mind: every bit of recorded information since our birth has been stored deep inside the mind’s labyrinth. This is where the broth is cooking. Our unconscious mind controls how we think, act and behave in the present moment.

Without undergoing psychoanalysis, meditation or careful self-analysis on a weekly basis, it becomes very difficult to learn more about your unconscious mind. This is the place where hidden meanings from your past are stored: every single event in your life has been connected by dots.

These imaginary dots have formed connections between memories and thoughts; a never-ending spider web of highways takes place in your unconscious mind. Along some of these connections are many errors which are encountered; thousands of them. These errors have an influence on your thoughts and behavior.

The goal of accessing the unconscious mind is to discover the errors and fix them. To do this requires a set of goggles and a bathing suit sturdy enough to get you steady for the wet, whacky and wobbly roads of the unconscious mind. Once you dive in, you will slowly start to realize what has been influencing you all along.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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