Worried About Tomorrow

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Uncomfortable Feeling In My Chest

Tomorrow is never promised, but how about today? The uncomfortable feeling one feels in their chest is certainly something to be worried about. Think of it like a Life’s Good (LG) washing machine, spinning all of your insecurities in one place, expecting them to be washed away of all the dirt. But oftentimes, the stains are still present the very next day after waking up.

Waking up the next day with a bunch of emotional stains and a stinky washing machine that apparently does you no good, you begin to feel even more weight piling on your chest as you make your way to school or work. You either end up having a good day which takes away some of the pain, or a terrible one, which cranks up the noise like a washing machine on high speed.

But no matter how many days that you go through, you just can’t seem to get rid of this monster of a worry hibernating in the center of your chest. Is this the monster under our bed which has been plaguing us since the days of watching Sesame Street? Perhaps it has taken residence within us all these years, only making its presence known as we grow older.

Is there a way to stop being worried about tomorrow? The inherent fear about something bad happening tomorrow is experienced by many people; some call it anticipatory anxiety. Maybe it’s a new person in your life who you don’t feel comfortable talking to, or maybe you’re afraid that you will do something bad at work, exposing your vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

There is a solution: remaining confidently calm, praying to God for guidance and enjoying life for what it brings you. There is no true way of getting rid of worries, but you can definitely live a happy and comfortable life while still experiencing them. The key is to avoid consistently paying attention to them; the more that you keep your eyes focused on these worries, the more that they will take advantage of your state of mind.

Your state of mind is as valuable as your organs throughout your body. Without a healthy state of mind, you become like a fully equipped vehicle with no GPS guiding you in the right direction. Freestyling your way throughout life is certainly not the path that you want to take, unless you really want to be worried about tomorrow!

We will always feel worried about tomorrow, but at least we can worry peacefully if we enter a right state of mind. You can start tapping into this state of mind today, by remaining confidently calm, praying to God for guidance and enjoying life for what it brings you. This doesn’t start tomorrow. It doesn’t start today. It starts now.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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