The Worst Part Of Chasing Someone Is The Uncertainty, The Self-Doubt, And The Drained Energy — Thought Catalog

The worst part about chasing someone is that you’re convinced this could be the one. Otherwise you wouldn’t bother. Deep down in your gut, you feel like you would be a good fit together. You feel like you would make a perfect match. And sometimes, it feels like your person feels it too. But you’re…

The Worst Part Of Chasing Someone Is The Uncertainty, The Self-Doubt, And The Drained Energy — Thought Catalog

True Confidence Is Living In Uncertainty

Stop Fighting Uncertainty

No matter how successful we become in life, there is always a feeling of uncertainty that haunts us in the back of our minds. You believe that the more you accomplish, the more relaxed you will start to feel. But this belief does not firmly stand; uncertainty seems to linger at every intersection that we cross.

You attempt to fight the uncertainty by coming up with ideas and ways to make you feel better. You scratch your head wondering, “why in the world do I feel this way when I have everything going for me?” You recount all of your past experiences and the strength and stamina you have garnered; you are fully armored!

Yet, the feeling of uncertainty persists. This is because it will never go away. It’s not supposed to! It always keeps you in check and prevents you from becoming too comfortable in life; it is like an alarm that keeps ringing in the morning even though you have been consistently waking up half an hour earlier for the last couple of years.

The solution is to not fight the feeling no matter how successful you are. Maintain your confidence by living in uncertainty; allow the feeling to motivate you and push you forward in life! Rather than spending your time and energy wondering how to curb the feeling, utilize it to your advantage by learning from it.

Sometimes uncertainty prevails because life has something different in store for you and you may not be seeing it at the present moment. It is very tempting to become complacent after achieving a set of goals; why keep pushing forward? In reality, we are meant to keep growing and learning as human beings.

Life occurs in stages: birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, elderly and death. Among each stage, lie smaller stages that we must successfully experience and go through. Each stage may be different for every person. And if we become stuck at a certain stage, guess what happens? The feeling of uncertainty rises!

This is why true confidence is living in uncertainty!

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