Midnight Thoughts

Brunette woman with hazel eyes awake in bed at night due to too many thoughts

Thoughts That Keep Me Up At Night

Nighttime is the worst part of the day to have unresolved thoughts which you have not paid enough attention to during daytime. When these thoughts linger in the middle of the night, it makes falling asleep nearly impossible. Your mind becomes like a night owl, ready to scavenge whatever it can find.

However, your mind is only scavenging more thoughts which compound onto the unresolved ones from daytime. These thoughts are usually the ones which you have not carefully processed throughout the day, or thoughts which are very significant and important to you.

The nature of the thoughts depend on the person; there are no universal thoughts which come out only at night. Some of these thoughts may include conflicts in relationships, powerful emotions such as excitement or sadness, unresolved worries and concerns or even insecurity.

One technique that you can apply to help lessen these thoughts from lingering in the middle of the night, is mindfulness. Right before going to bed, try mindfulness anywhere from 5-20 minutes. By allowing your thoughts to naturally come to the foreground of your mind, you are essentially processing them before you fall asleep.

Mindfulness is especially useful when you’ve had a busy day full of mind-clogging thoughts; it’s like stretching for the mind. In the same way that one stretches their body to lessen muscle tension and increase flexibility, the same is mindfulness for the mind. Give your mind a break by allowing your thoughts to freely flow without compartmentalization.

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