Cannabis Legalization

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The Good, Bad and Ugly

Let’s start off with The Good of cannabis legalization: governments will get to regulate the production and distribution, ensuring quality products in stores asking for an ID just like how it’s asked for alcohol and tobacco. This will ensure that people are not smoking synthetic cannabinoids (such as K2 or Spice) or low quality flowers which provide shorter durations of high, motivating people to smoke more frequently. In addition, the social aspect of legalization is surely a victory; here is a natural product that has been used since ancient China for medicinal and social purposes. It’s finally available (legally).

The Bad: mental health problems will rise. Yes, I know the argument that people who want to smoke already smoke, whether legal or not. But now imagine opening up stores all around your neighborhood with green crosses flashing. It’s going to be much more tempting for people to purchase some flower; even people who never previously smoked. The idea that it’s legal and the psychology of seeing so many people enter the shops on a daily basis will be quite enticing! In addition, the THC content of modern day cannabis is much higher. Research is still ongoing regarding whether THC can cause psychosis vs. an increased susceptibility of developing psychosis in those with genes for psychosis.

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Cannabis Legalization: The Ugly

The Ugly: it makes me normal!” Psychological addiction will increase. The downside with higher THC products is that people will like it more: they will experience a more intense euphoria and increased urges to smoke more and more often. Euphoria is very nice when experiencing the daily hustles and bustles of work, stress and relationship conflicts; marijuana is great at helping you let go and enjoy the moment. With cannabis at a store near you, it will be more enticing to order products delivered to your home, seeking that euphoric high much more conveniently; getting high will become easier than doing your own damn laundry!

There, you have my take on legalization. Do I like it that it’s happening? Yes, I do. Am I realistic? Yes, I am. I truly believe that in the long-run, we will see more mental health problems surrounding cannabis, but only time can tell. What are your thoughts on this matter?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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Vaping Gone Mad

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Vaping Lung Illness

What intended to be the replacement of cigarettes is turning out to be another outlet for lung disease. Vaping works by heating a liquid to produce an aerosol which can be inhaled. The liquid can contain nicotine, THC or cannabinoid oils. The consistent use of vaping is demonstrating that it can damage the lungs of a user.

Over 800 lung injury cases have been reported in over 40 states and 12 deaths have been confirmed in 10 states. The majority of these cases are in the age range of 18-34 years. In addition, the majority of these cases were due to THC-containing products but this is not to exclude nicotine-containing products from the picture.

Many users are beginning to stockpile vaping accessories due to a fear of a federal ban hovering on the horizon. If the federal government is considering banning E-cigarettes, then why are cigarettes still legal? Does this have anything to do with the powerful tobacco companies?

Some people are entertaining the conspiracy theory that because the tobacco companies have lost some profit since the advent of E-cigarettes, that they must be behind this vaping lung injury epidemic. While no such evidence exists, the dots can be connected if the federal government does make vaping illegal but continues to allow the sale of cigarettes.

Many users who were long-time cigarette smokers are very disappointed and worried to hear of a potential vaping ban around the corner. These users claim that their only successful solution to stopping cigarettes has been vaping and that nothing else has helped them. Some of these users are either beginning to stockpile vaping accessories or planning to return back to smoking cigarettes.

Whether you smoke cigarettes or vape, it is definitely possible to successful quit both! The pleasure of smoking is all in the user’s mind. If you start putting yourself first and not your pleasure center, you will slowly start to overcome the reinforced behavioral patterns of smoking. But it takes time and a lot of determination.

Don’t waste your mind, body and soul fighting a nicotine or THC addiction. Go out there and enjoy life naturally as we were intended!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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