Merry Christmas Wishes

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It’s A Wonderful Life

The truth is that we should be wishing well upon others on a daily basis, not just around the time of Christmas. But many of us have not learned to wish well upon others on a more consistent basis. This is something that we all need to learn and implement into our character. The merry Christmas wishes by The DSM Ready Community go out to everyone around the world who is suffering from some sort of pain on this beautiful day.

Sufferers of mental illness: To all the people suffering from a mental illness this holiday season, one of the most important things to remember is that you are not alone! There are so many people who appear to be happy, but are in fact suffering from a mental illness. There are so many people who for whatever reason, have not told anyone about their mental illness. A mental illness does not always manifest itself through evident and obvious behavior; many times, it remains an invisible illness.

Sufferers of addiction: As we can all imagine, the mental illness known as addiction recognizes no holiday. Occasionally, a “drug holiday” may take place, but in the grand scheme of things, addiction strives on. This Christmas, DSM challenges you to maintain sobriety, even if it’s for one day only. As always, remind yourself that you are not the only one battling an addiction; its prevalence flourishes worldwide. But if you can pass the challenge of remaining sober on Christmas, then that should be living proof to you that Christ does heal, if you call upon him for help and guidance.

Sufferers of suicidal ideations: We all experience it; suicidal thoughts are not something experienced by “the crazy.” As a matter of fact, the word “crazy” should no longer be associated with mental health. Too much stigma and negativity surround this word. People don’t deserve to be labeled crazy just because they have a mental illness. Suicidal thoughts are part of human nature; just as we think about birth, we also think about death. This holiday season, DSM calls on you to put aside your suicidal thoughts and embrace the wonderful life that God has given us. Together we are one under his almighty!

Sufferers of poverty: Know this: your time shall come too when you will be surrounded by many riches. And your riches will not be in the form of money or gold: you will be blessed with spiritual richness and the heart of Christ. And that blessing starts today! Shed your tears and pray in the Lord’s presence, asking him to fill your hearts with purity, joy and the holy spirit. Do not be bitter and do not be filled with jealousy and envy; allow the rich to enjoy their portion. Rather, count your blessings and continue to strive in the Lord’s glory.

Sufferers of hatred: Do not allow Satan to grab a hold of your hearts. When you are hating on others, what you are really doing is hating on yourself, because the hated are not affected whatsoever. Even if you hate someone who “deserves to be hated,” shed that negative energy from your heart and mind and focus on loving. God teaches us in the bible to love our enemies; when you do this, you are adopting a mature and loving way of being. And that is what is going to bring you peace and harmony in the long-run.

Sufferers of physical disorders: Do not be ashamed of your illness or physical disability. Rather, be thankful for the wonderful gift that God has given you called life. God knows the pain that you experience on a daily basis, but God also knows the many blessings that await you in the future. Until then, enjoy the greatest blessing that God has given you today: life. Put your anger aside and share the joy of the Christmas spirit.

Lastly, to all the sufferers of loneliness, remember one thing: you are never alone! God knows your suffering and understands your pain. Understand that this course has been set upon you for reasons that you may never understand. But do not be bitter for not understanding them. Whatever makes you suffer in pain, also makes you a stronger and more resilient human being.

It’s a wonderful life and we wish everyone happiness, love and many blessings. Welcome on board.

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