Another Person’s Success Script Is Never Going To Give You The Life You Want — Thought Catalog

I know how tempting it is to want to look to the people you idolize and mimic their exact life choices. I know how soothing it is to live like this, and that art is nothing but the mastery of imitation. I know that we must learn from our mentors, we must consult the people who have…

Another Person’s Success Script Is Never Going To Give You The Life You Want — Thought Catalog

5 Easy Steps to Develop a Success Mindset — Human Performance Psychology

Success is an individual thing. Each person has their own definition of what it means to be successful. However, while the end point varies, most people want to have some version of success that allows them to feel whole, at ease in their own skin and happy with their situation in life, whatever it […]

5 Easy Steps to Develop a Success Mindset — Human Performance Psychology

Working Harder Than Others

Motivated and hard-working black man doing a fist pump and standing next to high-rise building

The Hunger For More

Many people want success, but many also don’t want to work hard for it. Hard work is very unnatural to some, perhaps unnatural to almost every child who begins school. But just because something is unnatural, does not mean that it cannot be learned and perfected. There is no magic formula for success, but one important ingredient that you can never miss, is working harder than others.

The hunger for more is when you live every day of your life wanting to accomplish more than you did yesterday; your appetite never dies down and your thirst is unquenchable. Your passion to achieve more is on fire and your mind is chirping away new ideas that can help you get ahead in life.

It’s very easy to become satisfied with your life when you reach a certain milestone. For some, high school is enough and they stop there; the work force becomes their next chapter for the next 45 years. For some, college is enough and they stop there; a more advanced work force becomes their next chapter for the next 40 years.

For some, a postgraduate degree is enough; an even more advanced work force becomes their next chapter for the next 35 years. And lastly, for some, nothing ever becomes enough; they remain so hungry for bigger and better challenges, that they keep testing the limits no matter the potential outcomes.

This latter half of folks is where you want to be if you would like to reach the top. There’s no guarantee that you will, but by becoming a super motivated individual, you are at least heading down the right path. Becoming successful is very multi-factorial: elements of luck, passion, determination, drive, blessings, connections and an excellent work ethic all play a role.

Working harder than others cannot be emphasized enough: you have to put in the time and work to increase your chances of getting ahead. This does not mean that you have to compare yourself with others; as a matter of fact, don’t even do that. Comparing yourself is very mind-boggling and ends up in pointless distractions.

But this does mean that you need to work harder than your neighbor in order to get ahead. You do this by focusing on yourself and pushing harder every day. You don’t need to know how hard your neighbor is working, as long as you do your part by shooting for more on a daily basis.

The most important ingredient is doing it for yourself! When you enjoy what you are doing, it makes things much easier: you become immersed in the process and no one can take that away from you. You become so focused on getting ahead, that you start viewing life as tunnel vision: the light ahead is where you need to end up in order to rest for a little bit. And then you continue on before entering the next tunnel.

There are many tunnels which you have to traverse in order to fully rest at the finish line. And even at the finish line, more lies ahead. Are you ready to work harder than others?

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Emotional Imagery

Man practicing emotional imagery

The Art Of Visualization

Without meaningful and purposeful visions, your potential for achieving your goals and aspirations take a dip. Planting the seed in your mind is the first step towards success. Life is unpredictable in the way that some people achieve success without ever having dreamed of it; it’s called luck.

But for the majority of people, visualization is the tool that must be mastered before success is obtained. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, you must repeatedly utilize emotional imagery; the act of visualizing something with emotions as if you have already received it.

It’s a very difficult task because it requires patience and much practice; many people give up after a few weeks or months into the process. Everyone wants immediate results without hard work and dedication. Unless you are gifted with a batch of luck, it just won’t happen.

The art of visualization is like a game: the more you play it, the better you will get. But games can get old very quickly; you must not allow this to happen with visualization. Everyday is an opportunity for you to reinforce your visions and dreams and build up your belief system.

Besides hard work, it takes a lot of confidence and belief to achieve big things. Intelligence is important too, but many people are wealthy and successful and not that intelligent. The most important factor is your heart! Do you feel that burning desire pumping within your ventricles?

Are you willing to put in 10,000 hours to achieve a specific goal? If not, then you will most likely not accomplish what you’re set out to accomplish. Patience is also very important. However long it takes, you must accept the duration of the process and go with the flow.

And take breaks in-between your grinding sessions. Don’t become robotic and lose your soul in the process. Life is meant to be fun, even if it requires a lot of hard work in the process. But remember to utilize emotional imagery and master the art of visualization! One day, you will realize how much your positive thoughts contributed to your success.

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To Win Is To Suffer

Young man reaching his arms up high after winning

Keep Pushing The Limits

Perseverance, persistence, confidence, repetition, hard work, motivation, etc. All of these traits are necessary to push to the next level and elevate your status. But to achieve higher levels of success requires experiencing more hurdles of pain. Without pain, there is no easy ride.

Many obstacles can present themselves on your path to success. But obstacles are not meant to be viewed in a negative manner; they are there to help you develop more resilience and strength. Some obstacles are more difficult than others; but the more difficult ones bring the most memorable rewards.

To develop an attitude of winning is to remain humble, hungry and respectful to yourself and to others around you; those who are not, only win to a certain extent. What comes around goes around: to consistently win and climb the ladder of success requires a persona that can be appreciated by many.

The consequence of winning is recognition: people notice when achievements are earned. To win is to achieve a successful result in a contest, conflict or endeavor; every human being wants to win! It’s a natural feeling that brings joy, bliss and a sense of well-being.

Many people don’t achieve their full potential because they become comfortable with their current level of success. If you have achieved success, why stop now? As long as your mind, body and soul are willing, that means that there is more gas in the tank for you to keep pushing the limits!

Most importantly, the process of winning is meant to be fun. That means that the process of suffering is meant to be fun, since to win is to suffer. Fun means enjoyment, amusement or lighthearted pleasure. Why is suffering fun? Because it brings you one step closer to achieving your goals!

But the actual process of suffering feels miserable. It’s accompanied by pain, tears, stress, anger, sadness and uncertainty. But remind yourself that without experiencing these emotions, it becomes very difficult to win and achieve success. Therefore, retrain your mind to view suffering as a fun process, that will one day deliver you the goods which you have longed for!

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True Confidence Is Living In Uncertainty

Grayscale photography of confident woman shadow boxing

Stop Fighting Uncertainty

No matter how successful we become in life, there is always a feeling of uncertainty that haunts us in the back of our minds. You believe that the more you accomplish, the more relaxed you will start to feel. But this belief does not firmly stand; uncertainty seems to linger at every intersection that we cross.

You attempt to fight the uncertainty by coming up with ideas and ways to make you feel better. You scratch your head wondering, “why in the world do I feel this way when I have everything going for me?” You recount all of your past experiences and the strength and stamina you have garnered; you are fully armored!

Yet, the feeling of uncertainty persists. This is because it will never go away. It’s not supposed to! It always keeps you in check and prevents you from becoming too comfortable in life; it is like an alarm that keeps ringing in the morning even though you have been consistently waking up half an hour earlier for the last couple of years.

The solution is to not fight the feeling no matter how successful you are. Maintain your confidence by living in uncertainty; allow the feeling to motivate you and push you forward in life! Rather than spending your time and energy wondering how to curb the feeling, utilize it to your advantage by learning from it.

Sometimes uncertainty prevails because life has something different in store for you and you may not be seeing it at the present moment. It is very tempting to become complacent after achieving a set of goals; why keep pushing forward? In reality, we are meant to keep growing and learning as human beings.

Life occurs in stages: birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, elderly and death. Among each stage, lie smaller stages that we must successfully experience and go through. Each stage may be different for every person. And if we become stuck at a certain stage, guess what happens? The feeling of uncertainty rises!

This is why true confidence is living in uncertainty!

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Imagery And Repetition Are Aspects Of Success

Young blonde woman wearing blue top while standing on plain field celebrating success

Suffering From Success

To accomplish is to first see it in the eye of your mind. Visualizing your goals before achieving them preps your path towards making them a reality. Living it in your mind before in reality allows you to connect with the emotions of that event; it increases your belief that you deserve whatever you want!

It takes much repetition in your mind and in reality to achieve success. Without persistence and hard work, success moves farther off into the distance. Most people do not want to put in the hard work because it is easier to become complacent with the current situation; this mentality promotes mediocracy.

There is suffering before success and suffering from success; one indicates that you are on the path to achieving it and the other indicates that you have achieved it but still in pain. Suffering does not go away once success has arrived; it is part of life whether rich or poor. It’s how you handle the suffering that separates resilient individuals from the rest.

To become successful, you must be willing to sacrifice time, energy and even situations; to gain something greater requires losing something lesser. For some, time is precious and are not willing to sacrifice it; they may never see success. For others, time is pointless and are willing to take up as much of it to see results; success might be around the corner.

You decide what it takes to become successful, but one common theme remains: imagery, repetition, thankfulness and sacrifice usually deliver you the results!

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The Uncertainty Of Hard Work

Ant working hard to carry a green leaf

Enjoy The Bones Along The Way

Let me answer the question before you even ask it: it pays off. We have felt it so many times: the uncertainty of whether our hard work is getting us anywhere. The reality is that we often feel like our hard work is for nothing, because we expect immediate results; we are forgetting about the important concept of delaying gratification.

Delaying gratification is a mature way of thinking that can help you remain on the right path in life, if applied consistently. It means: working hard in the present moment while sacrificing pleasure and results, and expecting gratification to occur sometime in the future. When applied consistently, it feels quite amazing when you start to reap the benefits along your path to success.

As soon as you come to acceptance with the fact that hard work comes with uncertainty, sweat and tears, and possibly no results in the near future, you will be at peace to continue grinding and working hard to achieve your dreams! It takes perseverance to achieve success, and 99% of the time, it comes with hard work only.

The beautiful thing about hard work is that it throws you a bone from time to time; these small rewards refuel you to keep you journeying towards the end goal! Do not lose sight of your goals just because you’re swamped with fatigue and misery; these experiences are shaping your character and building you into a stronger and more valuable person.

The DSM Ready Movement is about working hard together to achieve prosperity, peace of mind and most importantly, love!

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