How Weather Affects Your Mood

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Elements of Earth: Different States of Mind

Rainy: This is that cushy mental feeling where you know that your day is gone, (meaning you’re stuck inside) and that you’re totally fine with getting cozy and not accomplishing much. How does weather affect your mood? This state of mind can also be accompanied by excitement and stimulation, such as getting ready to study something in your area of interest; study for any looming exams or reading your favorite book or novel. When tapped into this, you don’t even want to go outside; you have brought the outside world in. This is how the weather affects your mood.

You stare out the window and find comfort in the dropping rain, observing the various speeds of the droplets change over a matter of time. If you’re lucky to experience a euphoric window breeze, then you’re practically sold at this point. Include meditation and prayer and become one with your environment; inwardly-outwardly connected.

How Weather Affects Your Mood: The Winter Months

Snowy: When you know that you’re going to get hit by a snowstorm, your mind is already prepared several days beforehand; it becomes a rehearsal when two or more storms make landfall during one season. When a storm arrives, oftentimes early in the morning, you wake up knowing that there’s no way you’re going to work that day. Sometimes you wake up early in the morning, still dark out, and quickly put on your coat to check out the outdoors. You surprisingly step out into 12 inches of snow; it feels like walking on ice cream (vanilla all the way). When you realize that there’s no way you’re driving to work, your state of mind disconnects from any work-related matters; you go back in your inner world.

With the snow accumulating and making your outside surroundings like a fairy-tail, you begin to relax and appreciate your time off. Snow has a calming effect because it puts you in a mood of intense relaxation. There is something very comforting about seeing snow fall while getting warm in the comforts of your living room. If rainy is the cushy state of mind, then snowy is cushy x 2. This is how weather affects your mood.

Beach and blue ocean waves during sunrise

Weather and Mood: Here comes the Sun

Sunny: Must we even get into this one? If living in the Northeast, you’ll probably easily relate. California readers, I’m sorry; I know it’s a different world out there. Bottom line: you appreciate every moment of it. It brightens your mood, excites and stimulates you, is easy to make plans to and feels amazing on your skin when you step outside. The sunny state of mind is like drinking two extra cups of great morning coffee (without actually drinking them). You feel ready to tackle the day, multitask and save time, plan and conquer and feel accomplished by evening.

Cloudy: This might be the worst state of mind (maybe even top 10 for humankind). We’re not including rain here. This is solely a cloudy day with no smile in the sky, like as if the sun is hiding or taking a break. In this state of mind, depression is very easy to kick into; for some, it’s only to the degree of sadness. Let’s admit it, you can feel sad during cloudy days! There’s nothing to hide here. I don’t know one person who enjoys cloudy days. Try living in places like Pittsburgh, PA where I grew up; it’s literally sunny every 4-5 days or so. It makes a big difference waking up in a state where it’s sunny all the time, versus a state where the sun is interrupted by heavy layers of clouds. I’m sorry, but I rather pick a zip code with much sun.

Chills: Are you cold yet?

Chilly: This is when you’re literally approaching winter around the corner, but you can still get away with your favorite light clothes. This is when you throw on a long-sleeve shirt and can still get away with comfort, sometimes even during evenings. But there is something anxiety-provoking about the chilly experience; it makes you feel like difficulties are lying ahead due to the winter season approaching. Chilly is like kissing the season of Fall away and welcoming winter into your life. This is how weather affects your mood.

What’s your experience with the various weatherly states of mind?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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Think Before You Act

Abstract painting of blue ocean waves

Psychoanalysis: The Road Less Traveled

Think before you act or maybe we should first ask

How does analysis feel?

Imagine taking many twists and turns into your memories

Childhood ones are not (excluded)

You’re surfing green pipes in Mario and Luigi

You explore your past in a very short period of time

Those moments can reveal many forgotten memories and thought patterns

Think before you act: Analyzing Your Past

Remember your adolescence?

That had a life of its own

To analyze is to study your past

Running away is not a viable option

You’re not living in the past

You’re living in the future

View analysis as a therapeutic method for keeping yourself well-balanced

Studying your past, present and future

Man staring at Milky Way in night sky

The Fruits of Analysis

The circle of life becomes more fruitful

And this fruit you’re allowed to eat!

But will this fruit cause you to sin?

Digging up your past is not an illegal act

Your unconscious mind is always ready to act

All your repressed and suppressed thoughts come back to life

You’re shocked by some

And intrigued by many

You even forgot that they could be so handy

So much useful tid-bits of information

You connect the pieces of the puzzle

You dig up your life out of the rubble

Some things make sense while others are trouble

Do you have multiple personalities you ask yourself

Or maybe your mind is compartmentalized in many different layers

Everything was hidden but now clear like an honest prayer

Think before you Act: Seeking the Truth

All you seek is nothing but the truth

Analysis helps you obtain it

But your unconscious mind lies in a different booth

Sometimes it comes out and plays with you

It travels through dreams like a child would do

But you wake up dazed and confused

It’s speaking another language

Analyzing is the last thing you want to do

But analysis takes practice and patience

The road less traveled can be intimidating

But don’t give up, instead embrace it

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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Kindness of Mind

Be kind sign on yellow-painted wall

Be Positive

Do you have kindness of mind?

Your heart begs your mind to cooperate

Your mind begs your soul for guidance

It fires back with instructions

It still begs your soul for guidance

But it remains in distant observation mode

Your mind asks you for alcohol and drugs

It wants a distraction from this world

Your heart starts tearing up

It wants to see your mind practicing kindness

But your mind becomes influenced by the world

Your soul is still observing from another world

Your mind finally musters up the courage to radiate positivity

Be kind written in pink chalk on ground

Kindness of Mind: The Effort

Kindness of mind it tries

You start practicing before the act forever dies

Before the world robs your peaceful state of mind

Word of advice: don’t wait for tomorrow to implement kindness

Tomorrow is not promised

You only get one chance to demonstrate

People might look up to you

So practice it before it’s to late

Practicing hatred is not great

It makes you radiate poor taste

Jealously, envy and stubborness

Why do you have so much trouble with this?

Use your heart and intuition to guide your words

Your mind is unpredictable

But your heart is appreciable

Kindness stems from the roots of your soul

Your brain is not the main driver

Your heart was always the rider

The kindness you seek can be easily reached

Are you prepared to breach the barriers of what you seek?

People are waiting for your kindness

Give it to them already

So stop trying so hard

Your heart does not have all day

The last thing you want to happen is have it lose its way

Your mind is easily manipulated

But your heart is more highly-rated

Let the kindness and positivity flow naturally

Radiate it upon others

As easily as objects fall through gravity

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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A Working State Of Mind

Person walking back to work and holding brown leather bag

Back To Work After A Vacation

One of the best times of the year to take a vacation is around Christmas and going into the new year. It allows you to finish off the year right, by relaxing and enjoying every moment during the most celebrated holiday in the world. But once new year’s day hits, so does your working state of mind: going back to work after a vacation.

No matter how rested you may feel after a vacation, it’s never easy to get back into your working routine. The human mind would rather prefer to keep relaxing and not having to worry about job-related problems. But it’s job-related problems that develop your character and help you appreciate vacations in the first place.

Many people experience a dragging sensation during their first days back to work. Your mind starts hitting you with thoughts such as, “I don’t even like my job! I rather be doing something else. Wish I could just be rich and stay home.” This is what happens when your mind takes a break from reality.

It’s like taking your mind back to school: it complains like a little child. But after a few days of adjustments, your inner child starts to quiet down and get back on its two feet. It’s not easy to go back to work after a vacation, but would you rather give up and risk losing your job?

Always look at the positives in your life and avoid dwelling on the negatives. The positives will propel you forward and attract more of it in the future, even if it means suffering in the present. Living in the moment can definitely help with the process: not worrying about tomorrow by just focusing on the now.

We all need to live more in the moment. This hectic society has us worrying about what will happen tomorrow and the day after, further compounding more and more stress until we potentially develop a mental illness. And once a mental illness has developed, life becomes even more difficult to manage.

Remind yourself that you are never alone. For every insecurity or negative emotion that you are feeling, there are millions of people out there who are also experiencing the exact state of mind as you are. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself and stop feeling guilty. Get back into your working state of mind and conquer the day!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Ruminating Thoughts

Light from window reflecting on red-haired woman biting lip and ruminating

When The Damage Is Done

Without keeping your mind in check, the brain can start to malfunction, resulting in pathological states of mind. One such state is the rumination over negative events that have occurred in your life; in particular, negative and stressful ones. Rumination is not like OCD, but can also be time-consuming and distressing in nature.

The difference between rumination and OCD is that OCD involves compulsions or acts in an attempt to alleviate the anxious thoughts. With rumination, you have the anxious thoughts, but which are not followed by any acts; you are just stuck in a never-ending loop of analysis.

Rumination is difficult to stop after you have experienced it a few times, because the mental act starts to become engrained within your personality. Rumination is essentially your mind trying to analyze how and why something happened; attention is not so much directed on the solution.

The solution is often easily obtained: perform this to fix that. But during rumination, your mind becomes stuck on the past: “why did the event happen and how could I have prevented it?” Even the prevention part is not that big of a focus; the majority of rumination is focused on the “how and why.”

Rumination can be seen as a defense mechanism to mental pain. By refusing to accept the outcome of a negative event, your mind paradoxically starts to become obsessive on the details leading to the event. If you read that correctly, then you can easily see how rumination is not a defense mechanism at all, but an error in your mind’s processing of the event.

The best way to overcome rumination is to simply stop worrying about what happened; the damage is already done! Ruminating about the damage will not fix anything. But since rumination is the problem in the first place, you have to put an end to it! And the way you do that is to just stop stressing over the negative event; accept it and move on!

Tame your mind before its wildness takes over your life.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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