Creepy Friday The 13th

Red and gray coronavirus particle

Coronavirus: State Of Emergency

Things are beginning to feel like a creepy video game: more people are becoming sick, less people are seen on the streets, New York traffic is easing up and classes are going virtual. Not to mention that the news media is making the situation more frightening with its eerie headlines. The global markets are crashing and multiple countries around the world are declaring a state of emergency. This might be the creepiest Friday the 13th the world has ever witnessed.

There’s a growing feeling in the air that society is on the brink of slowly shutting down; more people are starting to work from home and school closures are happening all over the country. There is talk that even wall street might shut down. Is this all a master plan by the elite or simply bad luck?

One of the questions that most of us are thinking is why aren’t there any official, standardized diagnostic kits on the market? This is certainly not the first merry-go-round for the coronavirus. What have all these biotech companies been doing all of these years? It’s too late to answer that now; we’re already in the midst of a physical and mental war.

Maybe the plan will be to have all of us quarantined in our homes, with governmental officials distributing food and other necessities on a weekly basis. The streets will end up lonely during this spring, with only the birds chirping, squirrels mating and deer freely eating grass in peace. Us humans will be staring out our windows wondering, “Are we being punished? Is this some sort of an experiment?”

Or maybe all of this coronavirus scare is driving us crazy with conspiracy theories. Maybe the reality is that someone did eat a snake or a bat somewhere in China, resulting in a zoonotic unleashing of a hellish virus upon mankind. Regardless of the source, we were unprepared from the beginning. We all thought that the coronavirus would never make it out of China.

But we were wrong; dead wrong! The coronavirus is now freely spreading around the world and claiming lives left and right. Since 9/11, we have been trained to fear future terrorist attacks, believing that if we go to war in multiple countries in the middle east, that we’d somehow become safer. Maybe we are safer or maybe we are not. But now something that is naked to the human eye is causing more deaths than multiple terrorist attacks combined.

If there’s a lesson that can be learned here, it’s to never underestimate the power of potential biological warfare.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Pandemic: Coronavirus Gone Wild

Turquoise medical face mask on ground

New York State Of Emergency

New York state has declared a state of emergency due to coronavirus infections rising. While the government is doing its job to allocate resources and provide accurate information on the current crisis, it’s not really doing a great job at easing panic and preventing mental health issues from arising. The New York state of emergency is nothing more than a warning telling us, “it’s here and getting worse.”

The thing is that these kinds of messages do not help us. We all know from the mainstream media that the coronavirus has gone wild, whether naturally or after being genetically engineered; the truth, no one will find out. But one thing is for certain: the virus is out and potentially deadly.

But does all of this information affect us in any way? Do you really believe that by New York, California and other states declaring states of emergency, we will suddenly be more cautious to not acquire the virus? If the virus has spread all the way from China, then you best believe that whether you acquire it or not does not depend on the mainstream media or governmental warnings.

So what is the solution? As previously said, you need to continue living your life as if nothing has changed. Continue to wash your hands like you always have and stay away from people who cough. Wearing a mask will not decrease your chances of acquiring the virus. The virus can spread via touch as well.

One of the most important preventative tactics from becoming infected is maintaining a positive mindset. If you allow fear to penetrate you, then you are already making yourself vulnerable to becoming sick. Fear attracts negativity and bad results. During times of pandemics, you need to remain calm, vigilant and positive.

Don’t allow all the negative news to get to your head. In other words, don’t become part of the hysteria. As long as you maintain good hygiene, smart practices and a positive attitude and mindset, you will stay clear of this virus. This will not go on forever.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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