The Future Will Be Better Than Yesterday

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Future Man

Mental health is very complex. There are many factors that contribute to deteriorating mental health. Lifestyle is extremely important, but it’s not just about avoiding alcohol or drugs, exercising, eating healthy and taking your medications as prescribed (if you are taking medications in the first place). One of the most important factors to maintaining sound mental health is your outlook, “The future will be better than yesterday!”

Your outlook is half the battle to maintaining sound mental health and even further improving it. Pessimistic people experience mental health problems because their outlook is negative. They view the present and the future as obstacles that are contributing to their negative emotions, when in reality, it’s their outlook that’s contributing to their negative emotions.

The tricky thing with one’s outlook is that it has a tendency to remain rigidly fixed if not corrected early enough. If you don’t have someone who can nicely tell you, “Hey man, the way you view things is a little off”, then there’s a good chance that you’ll continue viewing the world through a negative lens.

You need trustworthy people who can point out to you what you’re doing wrong in life. Many people have great careers, families and even wealth, but are still suffering on the inside because of their outlook. Sure, their past outlook brought them their current success, but they are now unhappy because of their poor outlook.

Just because someone has wealth does not mean that they are happy. Your outlook has a lot to do with how happy you are. It determines how you view yourself in the world. It’s one of the easiest things to change, but also one of the hardest for many people. But what can be assured is that if you start changing your outlook today, and start believing that the future will be better than yesterday, things will start to line up nicely for you!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


Maintaining Sound Mental Health

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Utilize Your Paid Personal Days

Many people feel guilty at the thought of utilizing the personal days which their employer has provided them with. Just the thought of “skipping work” to stay at home and lounge, relax or catch up on some sleep makes their skin shrivel. But that’s what personal days are for! You do not need to be sick to enjoy some time off.

Fatigue is just as destructive or more destructive than your common cold: it affects your state of mind, motivation, drive, ambition, happiness and mood. When you become fatigued, you become less efficiently productive at work: you make more errors; you lose your drive and you become more irritable with those around you.

You are not doing anything wrong by utilizing your paid personal days. As long as it’s stated in your work contract that you have X number of personal days, then you are in a perfectly acceptable position to utilize them. Often times, it’s the guilt and fear which prevent us from going forward with it.

Don’t overwork yourself to the point of feeling burned out, or even worse, fatigued and depressed. Your health always comes first! Suicidal thoughts are definitely connected to being overworked as an employee. When all you do is wake up bloody early, work the entire day and come back home crashing on the couch, this repetitive lifestyle will eventually take a toll on your sanity.

Always put your mental health first before anything else. If you are currently working at a job which you don’t enjoy because of your mental health, then you must reconsider your work options. Don’t risk your sanity, or even worse, your life for a job. Maintaining a happy state of mind is much more important than maintaining a current job.

Take some personal days off and maintain sound mental health!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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