The Last Loner

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Relaxing In Solitude

Modern-day society believes that if you spend too much time by yourself, you must be weird, different, asocial or even depressed. In reality, many people are happier than ever at enjoying their own presence, not having to depend or rely on others. Relaxing in solitude does not mean any one of the above labels, it just means that there’s a last loner in every one of us.

With so many superficial relationships swarming our backyards, it’s no wonder why many would agree that it feels good spending time by yourself! You don’t have to worry about the masks coming out of the closet almost every single day. People are realizing that they can be more motivated and productive with their time.

The last loner in each and every one of us does not mean that we do not enjoy socializing. If anything, socializing is one of our favorite pastimes: enjoying life with the many different perspectives surrounding you. Socializing helps us to escape our appreciation for “loner-ship”, and rather allows us to connect with others!

Connecting with others is one of the best feelings, especially when the connections are right from the very first moment! For instance, consider yourself talking to the opposite sex and just clicking at every opportunity, resulting in flawless conversations. These are the types of connections that we hope to encounter.

There’s nothing wrong with relaxing in solitude: it complements our social animal. Therefore, do not listen to the remarks thrown around by society; it doesn’t control your mental health! You do. If you believe that solitude mixed with socialization is healthy and good for you, than listen to your heart and mind and do as you believe.

But it must be made clear that no polar opposite is better than the other: too much solitude can contribute to lack of friends and relationships, and too much socialization can contribute to too many distractions from oneself. The self comes first because the self is your life. But before yourself comes God.

God bless.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Cherish Solitude And Avoid Superficial Relationships

Time Well Spent

It is no question that loneliness is on the rise; single-person households are increasing, marriages are declining and depression rates are rising. But do not confuse loneliness with solitude.

Solitude is a state of appreciation for being alone. It is torturous for adolescents because it is a time when they identify with their peers, but for adults, solitude should be harnessed and appreciated!

The mental health benefits of solitude:

  • Increases empathy and compassion (you are not focused on people around you, allowing time for you to be appreciative of your relationships)
  • Increases productivity (when around people, you become distracted and do not always give your best effort)
  • Increases creativity (it allows your mind to wander and act freely and silly)
  • Increases mental strength (the more you are able to tolerate being alone, the more you will experience increased happiness, satisfaction and improved stress management)
  • Decreases depression (enjoying alone time makes you more appreciative of the time when you do spend with friends and family, resulting in increased happiness)
  • Increases your planning skills (it gives you time to plan your goals, analyze your progress and implement new changes)
  • Increases insight (it allows you to know yourself better without the influence of others)
  • Helps you unwind (it helps you reboot, clear your mind and think more clearly)
  • Improves concentration (it keeps you more focused while minimizing distractions)
  • Promotes deep thought (allows you to analyze your day, actions and relationships)
  • Helps you think of solutions to common day problems
  • Enhances your relationships (allows you to better understand who you are and what you are looking for in people, as well as make sharper choices)

So ditch those superficial relationships; do not cherish those more than a nice quiet time by yourself. Understand that loneliness is not the same as solitude; the former involves less time spent with others while the latter cherishes time spent by oneself as well as time spent with others.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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