Waking Up Early

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Sacrificing Sleep Versus Staying Tucked In

If work demands that you be there early in the morning, then you have no choice but to crawl yourself out of bed and start another long day. But if you have the luxury of starting work a little later, should you wake up earlier and get something done or sleep in until the last minute?

It comes down to personality, motivation and drive. By waking up 1 hour earlier than you have to, you can accomplish quite a bit:

. . . and the list goes on. 1 full hour in the morning is a nice chunk of time to accomplish whatever is on your mind. However, the problem with going down this road is that fatigue adds up if you don’t replace those lost hours of sleep some other time; that’s at least 5 hours of missed sleep per week or 20 hours per month!

Or you can wake up on time and just roll on out of bed and head straight to school or work. This option is much easier because you are maximizing your sleep. But for some, the idea of implementing this option is unbearable, because of the lack of time to accomplish just a little more.

Many successful people either go to bed early in order to wake up early, or just don’t sleep that much period. They have learned to function on less hours of sleep. They value those extra hours in a day which they can utilize to improve on something. Again, it comes down to personality, motivation and drive!

Only you can decide what is best for you! No one can make that decision for you. But one important thing to keep in mind is rigidity; do not be rigid! If you start becoming too tired, then listen to your mind and body and go back to a full night’s rest. It won’t help you to be consistently tired while trying to accomplish something extra in your free time; the two don’t mix together very well.

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