We Are Earth

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Experiencing Earth Day

The beauty that this planet has to offer is out of this world, yet humanity is too entangled in sin, physical and mental poverty, war, corruption and destruction. Earth is screaming back at us, “What are you doing? Please stop! No . . . don’t do that!” But no one is listening; it’s as if our ears are malfunctioning and our eyes are no longer 20/20. Even with prayer, the angels in heaven cry, for we continue to sin even in our sleep.

Earth wants us to change and reveal its beauty and secrets to us, but we have to change first before that ever happens. The sad part about it is that Earth’s beauty is right before our eyes, but our senses are clouded by the sins within our hearts. These faulty roots sprout in our hearts if we do not live through God and Earth further becomes Satan’s playground.

Perhaps the coronavirus is a sign from Earth to clean up our act, for Earth is perhaps trying to save the human race before God decides that enough is enough. Are we heading towards another flood as in the times of Noah’s arc? We cannot continue on like this, breeding more selfishness, hate and division among us; we are better than this.

Technology is certainly not helping; it’s making us more disconnected as we rely more closely on “tele this and tele that.” Why have we reached the point where we are more glued to our phones than the beautiful trees, birds and clouds surrounding us on a daily basis? Earth is screaming at us again, “Aren’t I beautiful enough for you? Why are you ignoring me?” But again, no one is listening.

Everyday, we are inching closer to “no earth day;” a time where humanity will be so destroyed that you can even have heaven on Earth appear but it will not matter. At this point, humans will be too engulfed in sin, hatred and lust that the beauty of Earth will no longer be visible; darkness will have stolen whatever little light that was remaining. So let’s stop this inching toward destruction while we still have a chance.

We are blessed to experience another day on this beautiful planet. Happy Earth Day.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


Living Among Evilness

Evil person behind tall window of a brick building

The Older You Grow, The More Evilness You Observe

Childhood is the purest time of one’s life, unless the child is diagnosed with conduct disorder. As one ages, he or she starts to recognize just how much corruption creeps in ever corner of society. This includes the abuse of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, prostitution, crime and the list goes on. And the more exposure that you receive to evilness, the more adept you become at recognizing it.

Modern-day evilness is more sophisticated and inclusive in everything that we do. It is everywhere: in technology, music, movies, the internet, bars, the streets and almost anything or anywhere that you can think of. It just creeps around society, waiting for its next opportunity to further infect.

The problem becomes when evilness starts influencing your life; the worst case scenarios are when you don’t even know that you are being influenced. This occurs because the nature of evilness is shadowy; it lurks in the dark but also becomes evident in the light. You don’t have to look to hard to observe evilness.

Modern-day evilness comes in all shapes and forms. For instance, dating apps are polluted with beautiful women willing to sell their bodies for an Apple Pay reward. Prostitution has infiltrated the dating scene; one doesn’t even have to drive into a bad neighborhood any longer.

The bar and nightclub scene have also become infested with evilness. Cocaine drug dealers lurk around the corner, patiently waiting for their prey while giving you a wink. While the prey is always at fault for their mistake of purchasing or bumping the cocaine, sometimes you feel like it’s not even their fault; the grasp of evilness does not let go easily.

Even some women at the bar scene have become influenced by evilness. Imagine meeting a decently attractive blonde woman who suddenly tells you that religion was created to control the population. And that “you can become a god, and I believe in you.” While everyone holds the right to voice their opinion, it just shows you how soulless our society has become.

Is there a solution or are we all doomed? The solution is to work on further developing your insight into your intuition. We can often prevent many scenarios and situations which are influenced by evilness, if we only trust our gut and act accordingly. But if we continue to go astray by feeding our bodily desires on a daily basis, then we will only continue to give evilness more power and control over our lives.

We are stronger than this.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Chased By Sin

Person holding magazine depicting two lustful women hooking up

The Field Of Temptations

Sin seems to have no boundaries on where it lurks. It just creeps along through time and space, sucking whatever opportunity it has to grasp us within its control and influence. Sin has no shape or form; it’s just an air of opportunity for humans to indulge in destructively-negative behavior.

The way to avoid sin is not by running away from it, but rather by confronting it before it takes a hold of us. Sometimes we don’t have the opportunity to confront sin; it just happens. But many times, we have an opportunity to decide between right and wrong. And we still pick wrong.

And the more we sin, the easier it becomes to repeat a certain behavior. For instance, the more we lie, the more comfortable we become at lying. Lying provides us with power: it teaches us that you can obtain X by performing Y and Z. In return, we enjoy obtaining X and want more Xs in the future.

Another form of sin is XXX or pornography. Notice how you feel disgusted and guilty after masturbating to porn? That’s the feeling of sin running through your veins. But for many people, rather than stopping the behavior, they continue to indulge in porn because the pleasure is more important than the guilt.

How about strip clubs, escorts or happy endings at massage parlors? Welcome to lust town, where you can have your desires fulfilled at the expense of your purity. Sin loves sex. It has infiltrated every corner of society, making sure humans breath in lust like they breath in drugs.

How about K2, marijuana, crystal meth or alcohol? Another forum where humans can indulge in sin and skyrocket their pleasure levels. However, this form of sin is much deadlier than others. The sin of drugs works by hijacking a human’s brain and cooking up an addiction that has the potential to kill.

The field of temptations is very wide and many people have trouble leaving this plantation. We are all slaves to sin, otherwise God wouldn’t have sent Jesus! In the bible it says, “for God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

The DSM Ready Movement must not forget to seek God for help, courage, guidance and love!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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