Excessive Worrying

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How To Stop Worrying About Everything

The mind often gets stuck in a never-ending cycle of worries, affecting your sanity and wellbeing. Worries can become very bothersome because you always wonder what will happen in the near future. They usually arise from a past behavior or action or a future result which has not occurred yet.

Worries can become very excessive, especially if you made a mistake that no one knows about. You feel like you are stuck and holding onto a secret: you don’t want to voluntarily admit the mistake to others unless you have to. So you start to worry about others discovering your mistake.

You either let time back you up and allow the memory of your mistake to be left behind in your past, or you continue to worry. Oftentimes, many people continue to naturally worry, fearing any future consequences. But the effective way of controlling worries is to stop thinking about them and move on.

You have to learn how to adopt a confident state of mind where you are willing to accept any consequences that may result from your mistakes. But this does not mean that you must keep worrying, because worries lead to rumination, stress and anxiety. As long as you admit to your mistakes, you can let go of your worries more easily.

Some people also worry about everything: paying the bills, taking the dog for a walk, making more money, getting a nice haircut, getting new clothes, etc. Excessive worrying may even progress to generalized anxiety disorder. To curb excessive worrying, you must find your inner strength to not care so much; just let things be.

After many years of living on Earth, our brain often gets stuck in unproductive patterns and never-ending cycles of unnecessary thoughts; think of a computer hard drive that can use a defragmentation to help smooth out the process. If you don’t break this vicious cycle of unproductive thoughts, it will only get worse.

To break the cycle is to take a risk; everything in life is a risk. Therefore, take the risk of not worrying anymore. See what happens! You might discover freedom and a sense of relaxation, as if a heavy burden has been lifted off your shoulders. Life is not meant for us to always worry about something.

Our goal should be to live a peaceful life and focus on improving ourselves and our relationships with one another.

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