You Decide Your Reality

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The Garden Of Positive Affirmations

I often hear people saying “this or that will be hard, my life is so miserable, I can’t take it anymore”; what they don’t seem to understand is that they’re feeding their mind these negative comments. Your mind is like a garden; it’s easy to grow weeds (negative thoughts) but it takes work and effort to grow flowers (positive thoughts). Be thankful for what you have definitely promotes flowers!

“You decide your reality” means you have a large saying in how your life goes; your perception of reality plays a large component. Studies have shown that people who practice positive affirmations (daily repetition of positive phrases) are happier, more optimistic and have a clearer perspective on life.

We often get stuck in negative thoughts based on events that occur in our life; negativity has such a strong impact on our mind and personality if we don’t learn to tame it. First, is coming to terms with the fact that negativity will never go away; it’s just part of life.

After you have accepted this, now your task becomes to tame negativity: learning to not be as strongly affected by it and quickly putting it aside shortly after its inception, will help you recover more effectively.

Practicing positive affirmations does not mean that you are ignoring your reality and being unrealistic. It is a tool that can help you stay positive and reframe the way you think, believe and perceive the world and your surroundings.

Find your positive inner child and have fun creating positive affirmations; you have been given free will to control your thoughts. Why let the world decide for you how to think, feel and react when you are the controller of your mind?

The DSM Ready Movement is based on positivity; a free community based on openness and honesty and the advancement of human consciousness through the power of love!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Learn To Accept Your Reality

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Do Not Run Away From The Present

We hear a lot of rags to riches stories on YouTube and on the internet and we start to feel down because we are not living that life. We hear positive affirmation techniques to apply to ourselves and tips on how to get ahead in life, but we end up scratching our head, wondering why they do not work on us. But the truth is that these stories and techniques will not advance your life; only you can do that!

Accepting your reality and becoming happy with your life is the first step in climbing the ladder to success. You can apply all the techniques in the world but if you are not genuinely happy with yourself and your reality, you will not budge.

The key to accepting your reality is being present in the moment and being thankful for the things you have. A mistake people make is that they live in the past or in the future because their reality is too painful; this prevents them from working on themselves in the present moment.

Thinking about the future is an excellent way to increase your motivation, but you must also be fully in tune with your present reality in order to strive forward. Even if your present reality is painful, by accepting it, you will learn how to master the pain and move forward.

Pain is inevitable; it is something that we will experience for the rest of our lives, rich or poor. But you learn from pain! Pain teaches you how to not make certain mistakes, builds your character and sets a direction for you in life; it stimulates you to heal by altering your habits and choices in order to avoid more pain in the future.

But it all boils down to one point: accepting your reality.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)