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Questioning The Things That You Do

I think no matter how good or bad you have it, it’s human nature to question your thoughts, decisions and behavior. It doesn’t matter how much or little money you have; materialism is irrelevant when it comes to analyzing your life. We often question our lives because we are curious beings by nature. As long as we don’t know how we got here, we are going to always continue questioning. We question because we don’t understand the concept of life; if we did, then we wouldn’t be questioning in the first place.

How many of you question your ways of being on a daily basis? Even if you’re having the best day ever, you somehow still experience a moment where you wonder why you do the things that you do. It seems that no matter how much you improve in life, you still find something to complain about or question. It’s as if we’re not capable of experiencing peace and acceptance. We’re always searching for more.

But do not fall in the trap of being left behind. There’s a difference between questioning your ways and pushing forward versus questioning your ways and falling behind. Believe it or not, many fall behind because stress overloads them, paralyzing them in the process. They either give up on their goals and dreams and rewind back down to an easier path based on comfort, or they turn to substances to assist them with their daily struggles; some even develop a mental illness.

No matter how many lemons life throws at you, you cannot slip and fall. You have to always keep pushing forward, even if you’re tired, mentally exhausted and emotionally drained. You have to find a way to replenish your body and mind with positive energy and move forward. It’s always doable because you have gotten this far in life and you can just as easily continue marching forward. But you must not give up.

Giving up is quite tempting when you are mentally exhausted; who doesn’t want to accept an easier path in life? But if you want to achieve success, abundance and financial freedom, you must keep pushing forward. The easier path in life may bring you happiness but it will not necessarily bring you success. The harder path in life may bring you happiness but it might also not necessarily bring you success.

You just have to know what you want out of life and strive for one that will bring you happiness in the end. The point is to not allow the difficulties of life to prevent you from reaching your full potential. When potential is wasted, it increases your chances of future regret and living a life full of regret will not contribute to your happiness; it can even lead you into depression.

Always be on guard when it comes to your mental status, but learn to also take it easy in life and enjoy the journey no matter how rocky your path may become at times. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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