Sometimes It Just Takes Some Listening

Silhouette of two women listening to each other in water

Be The Shoulder To Cry On

Listening is a valuable tool that can take you a long way in your relationship with others. Sometimes people just want to be heard; speak less and listen to their complaints, desires, pain, feelings and worries.

Not properly listening to others results in misunderstood messages. The foundation of all prosperous and long-lasting relationships is to effectively listen to others; try to understand where they’re coming from so you can give them advice and suggestions that they can relate to.

Sometimes you don’t even need to give advice or suggestions; just the act of listening is therapeutic for many people. In this day in age, mental health is a rising concern and a lot of people are becoming depressed, battling an addiction or committing suicide. But you can help prevent all of this by being a shoulder to lean on; allow them to cry, complain, ventilate and fume!

I am not suggesting that you sacrifice all of your time to listen to others; your health and state of mind come first. But considering that we live in a selfish and over-competitive society, the altruistic thing you can do is to provide your undivided attention to others by listening to their struggles; you will become more confident and happy as a result, and they will become more appreciative and thankful for your services and you as a person.

After all, you never know when you might just save a life!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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