Kindness of Mind

Be kind sign on yellow-painted wall

Be Positive

Do you have kindness of mind?

Your heart begs your mind to cooperate

Your mind begs your soul for guidance

It fires back with instructions

It still begs your soul for guidance

But it remains in distant observation mode

Your mind asks you for alcohol and drugs

It wants a distraction from this world

Your heart starts tearing up

It wants to see your mind practicing kindness

But your mind becomes influenced by the world

Your soul is still observing from another world

Your mind finally musters up the courage to radiate positivity

Kindness of Mind: The Effort

Kindness of mind it tries

You start practicing before the act forever dies

Before the world robs your peaceful state of mind

Word of advice: don’t wait for tomorrow to implement kindness

Tomorrow is not promised

You only get one chance to demonstrate

People might look up to you

So practice it before it’s to late

Practicing hatred is not great

It makes you radiate poor taste

Jealously, envy and stubborness

Why do you have so much trouble with this?

Use your heart and intuition to guide your words

Your mind is unpredictable

But your heart is appreciable

Kindness stems from the roots of your soul

Your brain is not the main driver

Your heart was always the rider

The kindness you seek can be easily reached

Are you prepared to breach the barriers of what you seek?

People are waiting for your kindness

Give it to them already

So stop trying so hard

Your heart does not have all day

The last thing you want to happen is have it lose its way

Your mind is easily manipulated

But your heart is more highly-rated

Let the kindness and positivity flow naturally

Radiate it upon others

As easily as objects fall through gravity

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

My Favorite Two Words: Positive And Believe

I Believe I Can Fly

Have you been struggling throughout your life to adopt a mindset that consistently keeps you happy? Have you been going through life wondering what you’re doing wrong no matter what mindset you adopt? Fortunately, you’re not the only one; it’s very common to feel this way. But starting today, you no longer have to. Your favorite two words should become: positive and believe.

The reason that you feel like nothing is good enough in your life falls down on the two words mentioned above. It’s not enough to be a positive person; you have to be positive within your mind on a daily basis, even when bad things happen to you. You have to reprogram your mind to be positive.

Realistically, you’re still going to experience a range of emotions; it’s natural and part of life. But overall, there’s a difference between experiencing a range of emotions and remaining negative and experiencing a range of emotions and still being positive. Positivity cannot be given to you; you have to earn it.

So how do you earn it? You practice being positive every day, from morning to night. What helps are positive affirmations that you can repeat within your mind at random times throughout the day. By telling yourself some positive affirmations on a daily basis, you are training your mind to be positive.

The second word is believe. Do you believe with all your might that you can accomplish whatever it is that you want? Believing is also something that you have to practice every day; it takes time for your mind to start believing what you want it to believe. Even when you don’t see results, you still have to keep believing. Eventually, whatever you want to happen will manifest into your life.

You’ll run into people who will tell you, “That’s a bunch of malarky!” Thanks Joe, but it’s not. People who tell you this are probably struggling themselves to stay positive and believe. The fact that they responded with a negative remark shows you that they are not positive. Someone who is positive would say, “That’s interesting! Never thought about it like that. I’m going to try that!”

Try that! From now on, start being positive and believe that you can accomplish whatever you want.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Dodging Stress Balls

Stress Management

To consistently dodge stress balls requires a strong and effective mindset which you can consistently live by. Stress balls are a metaphor for objects of stress that come bouncing at you with no particular pattern at play. We experience stress balls almost every day to various degrees; the small ones we often shake off, but the bigger ones tend to make a larger impact on our state of mind. That’s why stress management is important.

Even with an awesome lifestyle at play, it’s very difficult to dodge stress balls. That’s because stress is part of life, no matter how easy you have it. Even people who are rich and casually relaxing on their yachts experience stress. Stress balls spread around in society like the coronavirus infecting humanity.

The difference is that the coronavirus will eventually go away, but stress will always remain around, attempting to put you down. What is stress? It’s a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Sometimes no adverse circumstances are at play; we just become stressed because of unconscious conflicts stirring in the back of our mind.

So now that you agree that stress will always be around, how do we go about dealing with it? It always comes down to your mindset: are you an optimistic person who believes that the future will improve? Do you lean more toward the laid-back side of things, knowing how to avoid breakdowns, fights and arguments?

If yes to the above questions, then you already are in a great state of mind and fully-equipped to deal with everyday stress. But if you answered no, then you have some work ahead of you. Your mindset is the most important factor to defeating stress. That’s because stress acts like a virus, slowly infecting you and working overtime to replicate more stress balls within your system.

If your mindset (immune system) is not sturdy enough to defeat stress (virus), then it will bring you down over time. It’s not enough to exercise, eat healthy, have sex or even socialize. Your mindset is the most important determinant of your fight against stress. If you can consistently remain positive despite experiencing stress, then you will prevail.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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