Thankful State of Mind

Approaching your day by being thankful is something we always hear about but rarely apply. It’s such an easy tweak to your mindset but gets lost in your daily stressors and struggles. By being thankful more often, you will notice your mental health improving. But you may ask, why be thankful when I have so many bad things happening to me? And I’ll reply, maybe these “bad things” are happening so you can be more thankful for what you do have in the first place! Life is not always smooth-sailing; the downs that follow the ups are necessary to build up your character and increase your wisdom, but the process does become smoother when you are consistently thankful for what you have.

Dr. Alexander’s DSMReady Podcast

Negativity is Contagious Dr. Alexander's DSMReady

We’re all surrounded by negative people; some are our friends, family members or even coworkers. At what point do you draw the line and stop interacting with them? Many times, we love these people and find them funny, entertaining, attractive and fun to be around, but their negative temperament often causes you to feel sad. It’s very important to keep this in mind because who you surround yourself with influences your thoughts, behavior and expressions. Being around negative people for too long will slowly turn you into a negative person as well. — Support this podcast:
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  2. Opening Up About Your Mental Health Symptoms
  3. Exercising For Your Mental Health
  4. Social Media Toxicity
  5. Psychiatric Labeling
  6. Analyzing Your Life
  7. Manipulating Your Mental Health
  8. Experiencing Panic Attacks
  9. Thankful State of Mind
  10. Monday Morning Fatigue

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