Everyone Has A Struggle

Man struggling with emotional pain writing on paper while seated at table

Well-Off And Still Struggling

Everyone has a different story. What might be pain for one person, is a pinch for another. But we must not judge and compare our struggles with one another. The moment that we start to analyze each other’s struggles, is the moment that we start minimizing others’ pain. Everyone has a struggle that is unique to their specific situation.

It becomes a waste of your time and energy if you start to live your life by comparing your suffering with others’. The magnitude of one’s struggles is not equivalent to any other person’s. Every person is dealing with different problems and circumstances that are unique to them.

Many people are well-off and still struggling more than others. Many wealthy people are simply miserable: they often suffer from insecurities, depression, lack of purpose and even suicidal ideations. Never judge a book by its cover, and that applies to wealthy people as well. It doesn’t matter how rich one is; mental health has no boundaries.

There are many wealthy people who are born into wealth and become depressed. They will tell their psychiatrists, “I have no purpose in life. What are my skills? I don’t have any. I was just born into money and I don’t contribute anything to this world.” It’s not their fault that they were born into money, but this is an example of how wealth does not always deliver happiness.

Many peoples’ struggles have nothing to do with having a mental illness. Some are handicapped, paralyzed, are living from paycheck to paycheck, dealing with a nasty divorce or even family deaths. Mental health almost always ties in to some extent, but do not think that everyone who is struggling has a mental illness.

What matters most is to not judge others! You never know what someone is going through, until they tell you themselves. One area in which we can all improve in is to listen more effectively and to care more about others; this is often underperformed.

One of the ways that this world will unite and effectively tackle mental health problems, is by careful listening to each others struggles. It’s not all about you! When we practice empathy, we practice caring and become more understanding of each other’s struggles. Regardless of what is happening in the world, you can always make a difference by taking the lead and demonstrating love and care for your neighbor.

Through The DSM Ready Community, we are slowly making this world a better place!

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Everyday Suffering

Old man sitting on outside steps crying with hand over face

You Cannot Suffer The Past Or The Future

Whether you are successful or not, suffering is part of life. As soon as you accept the pain that comes with suffering, the easier it will become to get through the process. One mistake many people make is that they try to battle through the pain rather than just allowing it to be.

Just allowing it to be means experiencing pain or unpleasant feelings without raising your expectation for their disappearance. Do not look for the suffering to end; this will just add more emphasis to the situation. Rather, learn to experience suffering without allowing it to get to you.

The way you do this is by moving on with your life and staying positive as often as you can. With persistent repetition, positivity will slowly overcome your suffering on a more consistent basis. But you have to adopt this mindset and apply it every day for this to work.

You have to come to the realization and acceptance that suffering will always present itself into your life; there is no way of avoiding it. You may not even be doing anything wrong and it still somehow will present itself at your doorstep; it’s just the way life works. So rather than pulling your hair out and crying over why “I’m always out of luck and my life sucks”, expect suffering when it arrives and go on with your life as if nothing new is happening; a “been there, done that” mentality.

The reality is that you cannot suffer the past or the future; you are living in the present and that is all that you can suffer. You may dwell on your past and relive the pain previously experienced, but that pain is only in the form of memories; the past no longer exists. You may dwell on your future and experience pain and worry about what lies ahead, but those are just imaginative scenarios created by your mind; the future does not yet exist.

All you can do is suffer in the present; everyday suffering. No matter how painful suffering is, try to look at the positives that it brings:

  • It builds character
  • It gives you strength and stamina
  • It provides you with experience and wisdom
  • It sets you up for future happiness
  • It makes you more appreciative of life
  • It humbles you
  • It helps break down your ego and build you back up
  • It makes life bitter sweet when it is all over

The biggest mistake that you can make is to give in to suffering and allow it to rock you into the ground (no pun intended). Do not allow suffering to take over your life. You have to learn how to live a happy and successful life while still suffering from time to time.

After all, what is joy without a little pain?

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The Painful Rollercoast

Man dressed in a shirt experiencing pain

Do Not Run Away From Pain

Pain is part of life. From the time of our birth, to the death of our loved ones, the concept of pain is experienced at all times. But why do we experience pain? What is the role behind it and is there a way to avoid it?

Pain can be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Because pain is experienced in so many different ways, there is absolutely no way of avoiding it. Therefore, rather than running away from pain, we should embrace it by experiencing its full effect and reaping the benefits: a development of a stronger character, a more experienced perception of life and increased resilience! The concept of pain is not an accidental design in human nature; it is a purposeful experience that humans must go through in order to build character.

When a cycle of pain ends, have you noticed that you come out of the experience feeling stronger and more confident to tackle the challenges of life? Unfortunately, many people remain stuck in a cycle of pain, leading to depression, suicidal thoughts and even death. It can be very dangerous to remain stuck in a cycle of pain and not learn how to deal with it in the moment.

Remember that we all are in this together; experiencing the concept of pain during our lives. It is an inevitable feeling that will come back into our lives at unexpected times, but we must not fall shy from experiencing it. Together, via the DSM Movement, we can help each other deal with pain through the sharing of our experiences with pain and how to handle various situations.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)