Planet Earth

Road going through forest during fall

Opening Up To Nature

With the hustle and bustle of city life, it becomes quite difficult to maintain an appreciation for nature. We become stuck in the realm of technology: playing video games for endless hours, surfing the web like maniacs, remaining glued to our iPhones or Samsungs, etc. Nature has almost become foreign to many.

But when you find yourself spending too much time in the technological realm, that is when you must push yourself the hardest to step out of this maze, and search for mother nature in your neck of the woods! The more you remain in a technological state of mind, the more difficult it will become to appreciate planet earth.

Planet earth is full of animals we have never heard of and sceneries beyond our wildest imagination. Sometimes these exotic natural beings and views can be observed in your local park; it doesn’t take a trip to the Grand Canyon to appreciate natural beauty. All of this can be done in your backyard.

But the question remains, “are you even curious to open up to nature?” For those living in the countryside, this may not be an issue as you are forced to deal with nature on a daily basis. But for all the city dwellers, your escape out of the city could be the natural environment nearby.

Nature and mental health are a great match! Escaping the city and allowing your mind to melt away in the comforts of a natural environment, can do wonders for your mental health. It makes a whole world of a difference when you don’t consistently hear sirens, people shouting, cars honking or even blinding lights.

The DSM Ready Movement is all about nature. Are you?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


Sky View from Grass Level

Viewing the blue sky during daytime from grass level

A Free Natural Remedy

There are many times when your desire to be outside is through the roof; one more minute in your dungeon will drive you crazier than the obnoxious Subarus driving down your street. So you grab hold of a beach towel, some white Apple headphones and make your way out into nature; step #1 accomplished.

You allow the warm beams of the sun to penetrate your skin from all angles, while you lay on your beach towel making eye contact with the grass at ground level; you’ve officially landed. You slightly rotate your eyes toward the sky and come to the realization of what it feels like to view the world from grass level; step #2 accomplished.

You make a phone call or two; some people might answer, others may be busy studying while some don’t pick up. You hear the little kids playing in the playground nearby, the parents teaching the little leaguers how to properly hit a baseball and the birds chirping in the background; you are taking it all in and are already feeling much better about yourself. Step #3 accomplished.

Nature provides many wonderful experiences that you cannot obtain indoors. It is healing, therapeutic, relieving and natural; it connects you with a feeling of pure happiness. Any time that you are experiencing that grueling feeling of boredom or indoor disgust, do yourself a wonderful favor and head outdoors to spend time with nature; you will come back feeling splendid!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)