Addicted To Motivation

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A Desire To Succeed

Motivation is a reason one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. It’s the fuel that keeps you driving forward, towards a destination which you don’t know if you’ll ever reach. But nonetheless, motivation is a blessing to have and must not be lost; once it goes away, you either fall hard or remain in the same place.

Falling hard or remaining in the same place are not situations which you want to experience. The dynamics of life are constantly changing; if you don’t keep pushing forward and testing the limits, you will be left behind. Or you can shoot for a simple life and kick motivation to the side; some people are happy like this.

But if you desire to succeed and take your life to the next level, you need to have motivation working for you on a daily basis. Life can throw you many curveballs: your wife divorces you, you son drops out of college, your uncle falls ill with pancreatic cancer, the economy crashes harder than in 2008, etc.

You always need to be prepared to place yourself in a better situation than you were in a year or two ago. This may mean improving your financial situation, becoming more resilient as a person, working on your character, improving your physical health, etc. There is always something which you can improve on!

But without motivation, not much can get accomplished. You see, motivation is not given; it is earned! If you don’t practice staying motivated, the fuel will deplete, leaving you empty-handed. Once left without fuel, it becomes harder to get things moving. But guess what? The rest of the world still has much fuel left and this is why society becomes more competitive year after year.

To succeed is to become addicted to motivation; your reward center starts to release dopamine just because you are motivated. If you can reach this state of mind, nothing can stop you. Remaining humble, dedicated and patient are the three traits that will deliver you closer to success.

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Define Your Inspiration

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May Your Dreams Come True

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. You have to discover what stimulates you to become passionate about something; motivation is key to sparking your creativity.

You can be inspired to write a book, draw, paint, sing, act or achieve a career of your choice! To become inspired is to live; you direct energy towards an objective with the goal of accomplishing it.

Allow life to help you define your inspiration. Sometimes it takes some quiet time to allow your mind to drift off; the best ideas present themselves when you are in a state of solitude. This is because you allow your mind to relax without worry. Daily stressors can also provide you with inspiration by motivating you to get out of your current situation.

The problem with daily stressors is that you often become more focused on them rather than new inspiring ideas; it is easy to get lost in negativity when experiencing pain. Meditation or mindfulness are nice tools to incorporate into your life that allow you not only to relax, but become inspired with ideas that can better your life in the future!

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Feed Your Burning Desire

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Keep Spreading Your Wings

Never allow other people to take away your dreams and desires; you have all the power at your fingertips! By connecting your heart and mind, you can accomplish any goal in life. Maintain your desire and keep feeding it every day; it will pay off in the future!

Find the motivation that you need to feed your dreams and goals; feel it in your heart and allow it to translate into your work. No matter how stressful life can become at times, you can always power through with your heart’s desire and strength; you just have to want it!

People will become obstacles throughout your path in life; they will laugh in your face, call you names and even attempt to roadblock you. Don’t fall for these traps; keep spreading your wings and continue to fly in the right direction. With determination and belief, life will take you in the right direction and you will accomplish your goals!

Give it your all every day no matter how repetitive the process becomes. The good things in life do not come easy; you have to experience the pain, shed the tears and feel the sadness. But with persistence, you will one day see the rainbow smiling above and telling you, “welcome home.”

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Keeping Your Drive To Exercise Alive

Motivated woman exercising and doing yoga on blue stability ball

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Exercising on a consistent basis requires motivation and persistence; it is so easy to lose the two and drop your entire routine all together. Somewhere inside of you, you must find a reason to keep yourself determined to maintain your fitness habits.

Whether you want to lose weight, remain healthy or become fit, your goal should be to maintain an exercise routine 2-3 times a week, for about 30-45 minutes per session. If discipline is something that you struggle with, you need to find a way to develop it now before it’s too late. As you get older, it becomes harder to instill new habits and break old ones; as the saying goes, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

The discipline to exercise is based on motivation; you must find something that keeps you pushing. Whatever you find will help you exercise on the days that feel the hardest to get going; when you succeed to exercise on those days, your discipline will be reinforced and you will find it easier to maintain your drive to exercise.

Lastly, do not lose sight of the most important factor in regards to exercising: having fun! In anything that you do, having fun is key to maintaining a momentum and succeeding with your goals.

The DSM Ready Movement is about having fun!

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Do Not Let Others Kill Your Dreams

Wall decor stating "dreams come true"

You Are The Master Of Your Dreams

Your dreams are one of the greatest assets that have been handed down to you; they provide inspiration, motivation, direction and happiness. You should strive to think about your dreams everyday, no matter how hard life can get at times.

One thing to remember is that some people will laugh at your dreams. They will say things like “you will never make it”, “that is impossible”, “you have no shot”, etc. But do not fall for the trap of letting others’ opinions influence you. This is your life and you have the power to shoot for the stars.

When your dreams start becoming a reality, people will either become jealous of you or come running back with a “I knew you’d make it” mentality. Do not fall for these traps either. If they were not able to stand by you at your worst time, they do not deserve to stand by you at your best time.

How do you go by turning dreams into a reality? You believe wholeheartedly, day in and day out, that you will achieve your goals. The power of belief works in a mysterious and magical way; it will make your dreams come true in the future with enough persistence and determination on your part. But do not lose patience; this is another trap that people fall into. Patience is key to achieving your goals and becoming successful in life; it provides you with strength, stamina and character.

What are your dreams? Share in the comments section below. DSM Ready is about being forthcoming with each other and helping one another reach a higher state of mind.

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Shoot For The Stars

A boy looking at a yellow wall that says "believe in yourself"

No Goal Is Above Your Horizon

Do you often find yourself struggling to have enough motivation to accomplish something? Motivation is something that needs to be developed. For some, it comes easier, for others it needs to be worked upon. But one thing is for sure: you must find a goal or two and constantly work towards achieving them. Every day, you must remind yourself why you want to accomplish that goal and work towards making progress. One goal we should all shoot for is achieving a happy state of mind. Mental illness is very prevalent throughout the world and in particular, our society. Genes, epigenetics and stressors contribute to a decline in our mental health. Epigenetics is when some of our genes are silenced or turned on based on environmental triggers; this may result in depression, anxiety and even psychotic symptoms such as visual and auditory hallucinations; some even become paranoid or delusional (the husband who believes his wife is cheating on him, contrary to the evidence). What do I mean by shooting for the stars? We often set shallow goals that don’t really bring us success or much happiness (i.e.: I will go to the gym once a week, I will not eat fast food twice a week, etc). I call these goals shallow because they don’t deliver “the stuff” that we’re looking for, and frankly, “the stuff” we deserve. We need to become more motivated by increasing our goals and striving to achieve them. But it starts with you! You need to discover what you want to accomplish and set out to achieve it. Once you discover your goals, increase your motivation every day by reminding yourself how bitter sweet the end result will be!

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