5 Easy Steps to Develop a Success Mindset — Human Performance Psychology

Success is an individual thing. Each person has their own definition of what it means to be successful. However, while the end point varies, most people want to have some version of success that allows them to feel whole, at ease in their own skin and happy with their situation in life, whatever it […]

5 Easy Steps to Develop a Success Mindset — Human Performance Psychology

Start Your Day On The Right Foot

Coffee mug on wooden table promoting positivity

Morning Positivity Determines The Rest Of Your Day

Our mindset dictates whether we will have a positive or negative day. It is very important to adjust your mindset in the morning if you find yourself having negative thoughts; these negative thoughts can influence how you perceive the rest of your day.

Adopting a positive mindset after you wake up in the morning helps you stay focused and determined to accomplish your goals throughout the day. Repeating this pattern everyday is what will make you happier in the long run.

Too many times, people wake up feeling negative and miserable and carry this baggage with them throughout the day. This promotes poor mental health and may lead to depression, stress, anxiety and even drug use. For some reason, the human mind is better at adopting negative thoughts on an automatic basis; that is why we must make an effort to implement positive thoughts as frequently as possible. It is easier to be negative than positive.

But do not wait until lunch time or even late afternoon to shift your mindset. Mornings are key to starting your day off right. Positive thoughts since you wake up will have you feeling better by lunch time and help your day go more smoothly. After all, the most important meal of the day is in the morning!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

The “Live For Today” Mentality Does Not Work

Wall decor next to house plant stating "difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations"

Don’t Live For Today Because Tomorrow Is Better

Some people believe that if they “live for today” everything will be ok. But this is exactly the mentality that promotes failure by not addressing worries, problems, future plans and goals. This is the mentality that slowly crumbles over time.

When you enter a tunnel, you eventually see the light at the end of it; you know that there is one entrance and one exit. You do not remain in that tunnel forever. But with the “live for today” mentality, that tunnel sees no light because there is no exit plan; people become complacent with their current situation and do not think of what may happen tomorrow or the day after.

The “live for today” mentality might make you feel good in the moment but when problems begin to creep in, as they usually do, you need a plan to deal with the situation. People who are successful are able to anticipate problems ahead of time because they have a mindset of mastering the future; a way of being prepared for whatever lies past the tunnel.

If you are a victim of the “live for today” mentality, it is never too late to change the way you think. With enough will, you can start planning for the future, delaying gratification, anticipating problems and even enjoying your time along the way! Just because one lives for the future, does not mean that one cannot enjoy the present; it just means you are responsible addressing what lies down the road.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)