Never Give Up On Someone With A Mental Illness

Grayscale photography of woman leaning against bed suffering from a mental illness

Mental Illness Awareness: Together We Can

We all experience it: sadness, misery, loneliness, anxiety, rage, etc. We all know how devastating and troublesome emotions can become; they can instantly change our life in a matter of seconds. And we can all relate, to some extent, to someone who has given up on us; the pain is too memorable to forget.

Imagine people who are suffering from a mental illness, whether acute or chronic; their pain is sometimes unbearable! They may feel like taking their own life because the illness has literally blinded them; they cannot see past the black hole they are in!

Our role needs to be supportive and loving. We need to stand together and defeat the mental health stigma that continues to linger in all parts of the world; together we can succeed! But we need all the help and support we can get. We need to stand up for all the people suffering from a mental illness and show them more love and care; we need to be by their side at all times!

Someone who is suffering from a mental illness is relying upon us; the moment we leave is the moment they may give up on their life. We provide them with hope and sometimes that is all they need to get better and smile again! Let us come together and fight mental illness; let us reach the day when we will all stand on a large platform and celebrate the victory over mental health stigma!

Are you ready to join The DSM Ready Movement? Are you ready to fight for everyone who is suffering from a mental illness?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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