Mental Health Is King

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We Are Here To Help Each Other Out

Losing your mind is not something that you should ever entertain. It might sound cool to experiment with drugs because they alter your reality, but many have their reality permanently altered. The mind is extremely precious: it gets us through our day, allows us to experience creative sparks, keeps us functional and provides an opportunity for enjoying the world. Mental health is king!

With physical disorders, you can still manage to function. Of course there are some diseases which rob peoples’ lives way to early. But with mental health, you don’t necessarily lose your life early, but you may continue to suffer for years at a time; some suffer for their entire lives.

It’s important to note that the mind controls the body and not the other way around. If we don’t have a brain, our body becomes useless. The brain is the most vital organ because it controls bodily functions and allows you to experience consciousness. This argument cannot be made with the heart whose sole function is to pump oxygenated blood from your lungs to the rest of the body.

Your heart doesn’t provide you with consciousness and what’s life without consciousness? The only reason we are alive is to be conscious of our surroundings and to experience this creation called “life.” Our body is just here to carry our soul and allow us to survive on planet Earth. That’s why taking care of your mental health is vital to living a good and prosperous life.

Unfortunately, many take their mental health for granted by abusing drugs, not visiting a psychiatrist when depressed or anxious and not getting the proper sleep that they need. Think of your mental health as the health of a computer. Your mind continuously downloads information every second of your waking and sleeping life; it never shuts off.

A computer does the same besides when you press “shutdown.” The problem with a computer is that if you are careless and visit random websites and download a bunch of crap, it will acquire viruses and trojan horses and begin to malfunction. The same can happen with your mental health.

That’s why it’s important to exercise, eat properly, get a good night’s sleep, socialize and maintain a meaningful life. Drugs and alcohol should be minimized or not even used at all. You should try incorporating 10-15 minutes of mindfulness a day and you should always strive to be as happy as you can. Mental health truly is king!

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Social Media Impacting Your Mental Health

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The Exotic Lifestyles Of Instagram

With so much time on our hands during this social distancing chapter of our lives, it’s hard not to notice the exotic pictures on instagram and other social media websites. Believe it or not, not everyone is stuck in your typical apartment or house in a normal town. Many are stuck in exotic places like Caribbean islands! But does social media negatively impact your mental health?

You bet it does. But it also depends if you allow it to. Remember that everything works on an unconscious level: our interactions with others, our observation of the environment, our perception of others’ lives, etc. Everything is recorded in the unconscious mind. Social media is basically a snapshot of others’ lives in that timeframe, but it is not at all representative of how those people are feeling.

The problem with social media is that when we observe pictures that we are attracted to, we forget to remind ourselves that it does not mean that the people in those pictures are happy with their lives. We just focus on the glamour and when we do that, it has the potential to make us sad in return, because we compare it with our ordinary lives.

So what you end up getting out of social media is a small dopamine rush by noticing beautiful and attractive pictures of people, places and things at the expense of your own happiness. That’s because the dopamine rush (which is minuscule in this case but strong enough to notice) lasts for a very short time, but your unhappiness can last for a much longer time.

So what you end up doing is revisiting these social media websites to get more of your fix, rather than focusing on your life and how to improve your mental health. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t spend time visiting social media platforms, but be aware of your state of mind and how it can be easily influenced by social media; don’t be oblivious!

And definitely don’t envy the exotic lifestyles which you notice on Instagram. Being envious towards others’ success will only make you miserable and prevent you from developing your own success. Don’t be that person. Rather, be appreciative and happy for others’ success. Would you want others to be envious of your success? I hope that you wouldn’t.

We are supposed to live happily together by teaching, sharing and helping each other. Our goal is to try to diminish the negative traits in humanity and promote new positive ones that can be passed down to future generations!

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Finding Refuge In The Park

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Forest Fuel: Nature Heals My Mental Health

If it’s not work then it’s being at home. If it’s not being at home, then it’s being stuck within your mind while at home. It’s fair to say that most people would agree that life has dramatically changed within the last couple of months and certainly not for the better. It sometimes feels like we have become prisoners to our own home; the rooms feel like they are closing in on us more every day.

But it’s our mind that is closing in on us. We start to become inpatient when spending so much time in the house: activities become repetitive, the news is getting old and going “virtual” is not at all exciting. The fact that we’ve reached a point in time that our government is telling us to stay home is quite worrisome.

They keep emphasizing “social distancing” repeatedly like we’re little kids who do not comprehend the first time around. But there is a reason that many of us do not comprehend social distancing and that’s because we are losing our mind by staying indoors all day. But one gem that remains available is our parks!

Finding refuge in the park is no exaggeration. It provides a calm and relaxing environment where we can sit on benches, jog on trails, walk on grass and converse with friends and family. Now that mother nature has rewarded us with the beauty of Spring, the park has become an even more pleasant place to retreat during this coronavirus pandemic.

The park is like a reset of your mental health throughout the day. Whether you are still working or casually relaxing within the comforts of your home, the park provides a beautiful opportunity to relieve your stress and connect with nature. Putting all medications aside, nature is still one of the best healers of mental health!

It helps you leave your hole which you call your “home” and allows you to release your thoughts into the wild, allowing the trees to scatter them away into the distance. The park welcomes you with a big hug provided by the sun rays and wind streams brushing away from the trees and on towards you; the park engulfs you with mental comfort!

If you are feeling sad and lonely during this COVID-19 catastrophe, remember that you are not alone! We all are. But don’t be afraid to leave your home and find a park to help heal your mental health. Don’t remain in your house for endless days at a time; you are ripping your mental health apart by doing that.

Let’s consciously connect together in the park!

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Social Distancing In A Time Of Crisis

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The Hidden Enemy

As every day passes, we continue to remain with unanswered questions as to how we should live our lives. Health officials tell us to practice social distancing and to remain at home, yet this is resulting in massive job losses, economic fluttering and mental health problems. It’s not easy to stay at home after you’ve been used to living a productive life.

And even if you stay at home, how long can you go like this until you don’t mentally burst? Psychologically, it’s not healthy to remain at home day after day, even in a time of crisis. As a matter of fact, it’s actually worse to spend more time at home in a time of crisis because it just makes you more anxious and possibly even depressed.

When your mental health goes down, so does your physical health: you feel less energized and motivated to recover from any bodily symptoms. And social distancing does just that: it robs you of your social life and the way that you were previously used to living. So while we’re in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, should we be practicing social distancing?

While no right answer, it’s important to be cautious and practice good hygiene. Hand washing and wearing personal protective equipment is a must. If you work in a hospital, you should always wear a face mask; this should not even be disputed. You should always wash your hands after returning home from being outside, even if you haven’t touched anything.

While it may feel like you’re not living your life while practicing social distancing, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of self-isolation. If you are symptomatic, such as experiencing a dry cough, shortness of breath or a fever, then you should stay home, call your doctor or even go to the hospital. If your symptoms worsen, definitely go to the hospital.

We are living in very difficult times and many are suffering from mental health problems as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing is not helping everyone and many feel that they are losing their minds by staying at home. It’s important that you remain positive and maintain an optimistic outlook regarding the future.

We will get through this together!

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There’s A War On Your Mind

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Coronavirus Pandemic Attack

While the coronavirus continues to claim innocent lives all over the world and rob people of their good health, one thing that we must keep in mind is the destruction in mental health that this virus is accomplishing. It’s very easy to forget about the importance of mental health when we have physical symptoms being talked about all over the news. There’s a war on your mind and this one is caused by a virus.

An epidemic is when a disease is widespread in a small region, such as a state, territory or even a country. A pandemic is when the disease is affecting the entire world. Not only has this virus caused a pandemic in terms of physical illness, but mental health as well. This virus is causing chaos in societies all over the world.

This virus attacks our mental health much differently than mental illnesses do. While mental illnesses actually cause neurochemical imbalances in our brains, this virus wreaks havoc through fear, panic and anxiety. A small group of people may not be mentally affected, but when you have regions of the world that are impacted by the virus, it starts to take a toll on the mental health of humanity.

When panic ensues, poor decisions are made, people become quarantined, businesses fall apart and global economies crash. If the virus does not stop its reign, it can lead to even worse scenarios such as violence in the streets, robberies, terrorism and extreme panic. Extreme panic of the masses can lead to a global catastrophe.

During times as these, it’s important to remain calm and carry on without giving the situation too much thought. There’s a good chance that you may be exposed to the virus, but this does not mean that you’ll become symptomatic. You’ve been sick before and you’ll be sick again in the future; don’t allow a virus to get to your head.

Riding this rollercoaster with a stable head on your shoulders is key to getting through this global scare. This virus will not go on forever.

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So You’re Afraid Of The Coronavirus

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Self-Harming Your Mental Health

The most effective tool for control of the masses is fear. When fear is used as a form of control, it penetrates the mind of the individual to a great degree, influencing his thoughts, emotions and behavior. Unfortunately, many people do not even realize that they are being controlled by fear; they view fear as a deer views the bright lights of a Chevy pickup in the middle of the Pennsylvania turnpike. So you’re afraid of the coronavirus? It’s time to stop this.

Mass hysteria is why fear spreads faster than the virus itself. The media doesn’t care about spreading fear; it cares about raising its viewership. So why do you continue to watch negative news about the coronavirus? When you continuously harbor doubts about the status of society, you slowly start to self-harm your mental health.

Rather than panicking and allowing fear to get to you, you must continue to live your life as if nothing is happening. What are you going to gain out of stockpiling on toilet paper and masks? Just the very act of doing this should prove to you how you are under the influence of fear; you are being controlled and your actions are proof of this external control.

There are conspiracy theories floating around that the coronavirus was manmade in a laboratory to analyze how the world would react in a time of crisis. What if this scenario were true? What if a group of elite individuals are sitting somewhere in Switzerland analyzing how the world is running around to buy more toilet paper?

While no one is suggesting that this is the case, it’s just an example to keep in mind how fear can manifest from any source and how you can become a victim of fear if you don’t control your mind. Whatever the source of the coronavirus is, no one can doubt its existence and deadly potential.

But what is also extremely harmful is allowing the coronavirus to affect your mental health. Anxiety can have a great toll on the way you think, view the world and even your physical health, such as blood pressure. You’ll be in much better shape if you don’t worry about the coronavirus and go on living your life as if nothing is happening.

Focus on staying positive and bettering yourself. This too shall pass.

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Turn Off The Mainstream Media

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When Fear Influences Your Mental Health

With all the negative news about the coronavirus on the verge of becoming a pandemic, the stock market crashing and the global economy on the brink of destruction, it’s no wonder why our mental health suffers in the process. All of this negative news has an influence on your unconscious mind, which pulls the strings of your conscious mind. Turn off the mainstream media and start engaging in positive activities.

A psychological tactic used since the beginning of time, whether intentionally or not, is the instillation of fear into the human mind. Fear easily influences your mental health by altering your behavior in negative ways. Fear is the seed of many mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, phobias, etc.

So why does the mainstream media do this? Intentionally or not, their objective is to report what is happening in the world. But unfortunately, fear is not excluded in the process of reporting. For instance, the way the information is presented on the coronavirus, it has many people starting to experience anxiety, worry and fear that it will soon make massive landfall in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

When your mind starts to become altered by negative news, you slowly start to become distracted from your work, relationships and positive states of thinking. Rather than focusing on bettering yourself, you start to worry about how to avoid getting infected with the coronavirus. Of course you want to avoid an infection, but this does not mean that you have to remain preoccupied with the idea.

When events such as the coronavirus occur, your best way of dealing with these kinds of situations is to continue your life as if nothing has changed. Remember that you should always be in control of your mind; never allow outside forces to influence the way you think and behave. The moment that you do is the moment that you make yourself vulnerable to developing a mental illness.

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National Alliance On Mental Health

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Coming Together To Advance Mental Health Support

Organizations are great and we need as many of them as possible to be supportive of mental health patients and their families. But we are missing something significant at the core of all mental health support: a national alliance on mental health. While our country remains divided over race, politics and world affairs, many people continue to suffer from mental health issues behind the scenes.

What we are missing in the world is a mental health movement that is truly reaching all corners of the globe and spreading support for mental illness. We are missing a movement that is advocating for the coming out of people with mental illness. What we currently have is the following, “Are you suffering from a mental illness? Then you should go see someone for it.”

Promoting psychological and psychiatric support is great and all people should be encouraged to seek care when feeling different from their baseline. But even with this encouragement in place, people are still hesitant to talk about their mental health issues. What does this tell you?

That there is still a stigma similar to how racism still exists in 2020. Why are people so shocked to hear about someone who is suffering from a mental disorder? Why is it so shocking that the human brain can malfunction just as any other organ can? It’s shocking because the human brain affects one’s personality, while other organs not so much.

Personality and human interactions is what most people base their opinions on. So if someone is depressed, anxious, on edge or psychotic, people assume that there is something wrong with that person and he or she must be “weird” or “different.” But these assumptions is what prevents us from moving forward with mental health recognition and support.

Who is ready to start a national alliance on mental health? Actually, who is ready to start an international alliance on mental health? A worldwide community that supports the advancement of mental health support and is not ashamed to discuss our problems, experiences and struggles with mental illness.

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World Cancer Day

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Connecting Mental Health And Cancer

World cancer day is about continuing to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its detection, prevention and treatment. As we can all imagine, cancer is not only devastating to the body, but to the mental health of the patient. Many cancer patients suffer from depression, anxiety and a great fear of death.

World cancer day is also about connecting mental health and cancer. In 2018, there were 17 million new cases of cancer worldwide. The most common types of cancer were: breast, lung, prostate and bowel. This is also 17 million potential new cases of mental health disorders, not including people without cancer.

Many cancer patients experience a very great fear of death, especially the ones who have entered the final stage where no treatments are left to eliminate the cancer. What is exciting is that multiple clinical trials around the United States have demonstrated that psilocybin helps ease the fear, depression and anxiety related to death of terminally-ill cancer patients.

While advancement in medical treatments are constantly progressing, here we have a mushroom that has been around before humans, and that is showing promise to help treat terminally-ill cancer patients! This is very exciting news because any treatment, whether synthetic or natural, should be utilized if it proves to help with the process of suffering.

There have also been cases where marijuana has been used in children with cancer, demonstrating an improved quality of life. We cannot continue to ignore the mental health of our cancer patients. Society has focused for way too long on the medical implications of cancer, often ignoring the patients’ mental health.

We can all probably relate to cancer by knowing someone in our family who has been effected. It is a terrible disease that not only attempts to rob one of their body, but of their sanity as well. When pumped with so much chemotherapy, it sometimes feels like the patient is being drowned in chemicals.

Sometimes all that is needed to help relieve the suffering of cancer patients is more empathy and less sympathy. Everyone can feel bad, but not everyone can relate to another’s emotions and current mental state. If we can become just a little less selfish, even a small difference can prove to be life-saving for our cancer patients.

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