Ways To Calm Anxiety

Woman leaning on bed suffering from anxiety

What Helps With Anxiety?

Running away from it is definitely not the answer. Anxiety is a very uncomfortable mental sensation that can happen at anytime and anywhere. Genetics, substance abuse, stress, trauma, physical disorders and other mental disorders can trigger anxiety.

Before turning to psychotropic medications, psychiatric evaluations or making any drastic lifestyle changes, it is important to remain calm and find a quiet place to unwind and analyze yourself. Attempt to understand what may be causing the anxiety; often times, a source can be pinpointed with some careful self-observation.

Are there people who are bringing negative energy into your life? Are you more stressed and worried than you usually are? Are you afraid of future events bringing you dismay? Are you experiencing a repetitive and dull lifestyle with little to no pleasurable activities to spice things up?

Analyzing your life is not a difficult process if you commit some time and energy to the process. But you must be interested in understanding and bettering your life for this technique to work. Not surprisingly, many people don’t have the courage nor desire to analyze themselves, naively thinking that their life will get better.

There is a high chance that anxiety will not go away on its own without some sort of intervention. Perhaps try to meditate using a technique called mindfulness; practicing it daily will allow you to become more in tune with yourself as well as help clear the cluster of thoughts that accumulate day after day.

Talking with a person you trust can also help alleviate anxiety. There is something soothing about sharing your thoughts and feelings with a person who you feel comfortable around. If you are the type of person who holds in a lot of feelings without sharing them with others, anxiety can develop as a side effect.

Exercising is a great way to alleviate anxiety. It helps refresh your mind and body and diminish stressful thoughts and emotions. Implementing a consistent exercise routine is one of the best lifetime investments that you can introduce into your life; you only stand to gain.

Lastly, if you are still suffering from anxiety after trying the above techniques, then you may need to seek psychiatric services. You will either be started on an antidepressant, psychotherapy or both; there is no shame to either treatment. Many people are on antidepressants and undergo psychotherapy for various reasons.

What matters is that you defeat your anxiety and live a comfortable and rewarding life!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Mirror Meditation

Brunette woman with red lipstick performing mirror meditation

Your Soul Magnified

Most people briefly utilize their mirrors; a quick morning glance does the trick. But did you know that the mirror can be utilized to help you in many ways? For instance, staring in the mirror for 10 minutes at a time allows you to become more in tune with your thoughts; it helps you analyze them while observing your facial expressions. This is important because you can start to learn which thoughts change your body language, helping you analyze your emotions and thought process, and making the necessary changes.

Unlike traditional meditation, staring at yourself in the mirror allows you to become one with your appearance; it helps your perception of your appearance and thoughts integrate. When we go along with our day, we are observing the world around us while experiencing our thoughts; with a mirror, we are the world!

Looking at the mirror will help you increase your confidence! At first, it may be uncomfortable because you may feel self-conscious, but with some practice, you will start to love yourself for who you area, helping you build confidence and become more comfortable in your skin.

Utilize the mirror to become more humble! Observe your soul shine through your face, and be thankful for the life you have; every day that you get to look at yourself in the mirror is a blessing. Observe how healthy, beautiful and blessed you are; notice your smile, personality and soul radiate!

The mirror is a great tool to build strength and confidence and learn more about yourself. But do not overdue it; too much self-observation may make you self-absorbed, which can backfire on the purpose of utilizing the mirror to help you.

So what are you waiting for? Start spending more time with you!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)