A Fragile Purpose

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Searching For One’s Meaning

Life can become very difficult at times because we often question our purpose and direction in life. To obtain big positive results often feels like an eternity away; it happens so infrequently that we easily lose hope. So we continue to search for meaning by questioning our thoughts, decisions and desires. Some may even believe to have a fragile purpose and that nothing will ever change their course in life.

Your purpose in life can only be discovered within yourself. You may have people who know you very well and help guide you, but the answers lie within you. We may all feel like we have a fragile purpose at times: whatever path that we’re heading down feels like it can go wrong at any minute.

And that’s another problem with modern-day society: too much pressure and expectations is stressing us out and increasing our worries about tomorrow for no good reason. We have no control over what happens tomorrow. We have no control over what is going to happen in 10 minutes!

So why worry about tomorrow or your purpose if life relies on constant change? You’re better off working towards your goals while maintaining a positive outlook on life. There is nothing wrong with searching for meaning, but don’t allow the process to unnecessarily worry you.

We often feel like we have a fragile purpose because we don’t see the results that we want. We continue trying year after year, only to glance at our watches and realize that we are one week away from new year’s eve. “Great” we tell ourselves, “another year has gone and I still haven’t accomplished X, Y, and Z.”

And if you don’t accomplish X, Y, and Z next year as well, are you going to continue being miserable? That sounds like a terrible plan. Rather, just go with the flow by knowing what you want in life, believing that you will achieve it and remaining positive in the process. And keep your expectations low!

If you don’t accomplish your goals, then there’s nothing wrong with that. You can either tweak them, come up with new ones or keep pushing forward. Don’t allow your mind to become your enemy, making you believe that you have a fragile purpose. Enjoy the process of life by staying positive and believing that things will turn out better in the near future!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Searching For Meaning

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Feeling Lost In Life

Being consistently patient is a difficult task for many people, because we often seek immediate results and new opportunities for fun and adventures times. Whenever you find yourself leading a repetitive life, you scratch your head even harder, hoping to find more meaning in life.

You may find yourself searching for meaning by meditating, consuming psychedelic drugs such as DMT, psilocybin or LSD, attending church or performing intensive internet searches; some people even join cults. There is nothing wrong with searching for meaning, but you should do it in a natural manner.

By natural, this means that you should not be forcing yourself to search for meaning. Whenever you are forcing yourself, it’s usually out of boredom, non-satisfaction with life or feeling empty inside. These scenarios do not usually lead to new meanings; you often end up back at square one.

Naturally searching for meaning is when you are leading a productive and satisfactory life: you are enjoying your job; are happy with yourself; have friends to socialize with; are close to your family, etc. When you find yourself searching for more meaning during these times, you will often find it naturally without actually looking for it.

This occurs because you are not actually directing your attention to finding new meaning; you are too busy enjoying your life. As with many things in life, we often receive a new opportunity or meet a new person when we least expect it. If you learn to accept this fact, it will become much easier for you to discover new meaningful ideas, without experiencing a frustrating and disappointing journey.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)