Sexually Isolated

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Try Masturbating Less

We have all experienced sexual isolation. It occurs whenever you are not in a relationship, dating or hooking up with anyone. Sexual isolation can last for a few weeks, months or even years; the emptiness sometimes feels like eternity. When you have been sexually isolated for so long, you almost forget what it feels like to experience the touch of another person.

Sexual isolation can occur for many different reasons:

  • You are on a dry spell and haven’t had any luck or success
  • Your interests currently lie elsewhere
  • You are too preoccupied with your career
  • You have no time for dating
  • You have high standards and no longer want to just “hook up” with anyone
  • You have trouble meeting people in person or on dating apps
  • You are too preoccupied with pornography

. . . and the list goes on. Whatever the reason, one common theme during sexual isolation is too much masturbation. With the flood of hormones, solitude and high sexual motivation that you experience on a daily basis, it becomes a challenge to not “release” through the act of masturbation.

Some also spend way too much time watching porn, further contributing to the problem. The solution comes down to this: try masturbating less! While not backed up by science, it seems that the sexual energy which you hold onto when not masturbating can be displaced elsewhere, such as pursuing a mate.

It comes down to personality, but there seems to be some consensus among people who have tried this technique. This is because when you frequently masturbate, you use up all your energy and desire in the act, falling back down to square one. And the cycle just tends to repeat itself.

Not only that, but sexual isolation can also make you feel guilty and even sad; your self-esteem can plummet when you come to the realization that it’s always just you, by yourself in the privacy of your room. But when you masturbate less, you begin to develop more self-respect by proving to yourself that you are not always a wild beast ready to jump to climax.

The bottom line is that we have all experienced sexual isolation at some point in our lifetime, and almost everyone would agree that it’s an unpleasant experience. To get yourself out of this situation, try masturbating less and using that reserved sexual energy to get out there and mingle more often.

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