Are We The Sims?

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I Want To Be Free

Another day goes by and you find yourself questioning the events in your life. Things don’t seem to add up, or do they? You find your days to be repetitive: you wake up for work, come back home and go to sleep. However your day looks like, repetition is not something new to you.

You wonder how to snap out of your repetitive life which sometimes seems programed. You look up at God asking him to help you; is God or some other entity looking back down and controlling your life in some simulation? A simulation is the production of a computer model of something, especially for the purpose of study.

Are we being studied? Were humans created as an experiment to observe how we reproduce, work along each other and manage righteousness with evilness? Are there winners and losers in this life or do we all share the same destination regardless of our deeds?

Some of us shout “I want to be free” but what is being free? Some can relate to the idea of not having to wake up early to go to work and enjoying the white sandy beaches on some exotic island; not having to worry about making another buck every again. But does wealth bring you freedom?

We can assume that even wealthy people still shout “I want to be free” because it seems to be that freedom is not attainable in our normal waking consciousness. Some would argue that consciousness is not specific to the individual but that there exists a universal consciousness which can be tapped into.

Does this universal consciousness bring us freedom? Is it even possible to experience it longer than the couple of hours brought upon by a psilocybin, acid or DMT trip? Surely we cannot trip everyday on psychedelics as our 5-HT2A receptors would quickly develop tolerance.

Are we supposed to settle for sparks of universal consciousness and spend the rest of our days in normal waking consciousness? Even prayer does not seem to tap us out of normal waking consciousness. Whatever source we do use to tap out seems to only be momentary.

Remember the game The Sims? How did you tap out of that simulation? You tossed the game aside and moved on with your life.

The key might be to keep moving on!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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