Borderline State of Mind

The pain comes in rapidly

Unexpectedly it flows into your vicinity

Like a swallowed pill kicking in at the bottom of the hour

You’re taking another raincheck

You don’t know what to believe anymore

Do you allow the sadness to storm over

Or do you take control and roar

The truth is that you have to battle your way

Life wants to test, trick or tease you

And it’s up to you to be aware and react accordingly

Letting it swivel you around won’t bring you goods accordingly

You have to take control

Implement positive seeds, sprouting positive deeds

But even doing that tilts you at an unease

There’s a war on your mind

Mental illness is like a savage in the wild

A stranger that wants to make you uneasy

Can you spot it before it makes you uneasy?

Is this really a borderline state of mind?

Or in reality, only a test of time?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Believing With All Your Might

Happy blonde girl smiling while laying on grass surrounded by flowers

Believing Is A Lifestyle

I’m sure many of you have heard it a thousand times, “Believe it and you will achieve it.” Well . . . it’s not quite that easy. Sitting around on a random day and just believing that you’ll become a millionaire is not going to do much. Believing is a lifestyle. You have to practice it every day, multiple times a day until you’re sick of believing! Believing with all your might is required for things to come true.

In the bible, we’re taught by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to believe with all our heart and mind and that whatever we ask in prayer will come true. Many people will say, “Dr. Sinu! I’ve tried believing my entire life and nothing has ever manifested!” And then you gave up I take it? You see, believing requires a change in your personality.

This change involves persistence, stamina and the refusal to accept anything less. If you lack these traits, you are at a disadvantage because you are prone to giving up on your beliefs and settling for mediocracy. You have to understand something and this is not meant to scare you: you almost have to become delusional in your beliefs in order to see them manifest into your life.

But delusional in a good way; not the pathological kind that is known as delusional disorder. Being delusional in your beliefs is another way of saying, “Believe what it is that you want to believe to the point that others would tell you that it’s impossible.” And believing is not a one time sit-down session where you meditate and believe for 10 minutes and expect results in return.

Believing is a lifestyle. You must breath, sleep and eat beliefs all day, every single day, rain or shine. You must visualize with feelings in your mind, seeing yourself in your mind’s eye what you want to be doing and feeling it as if it were your current reality. It’s difficult to do that every day but it will pay off in the future with enough persistence.

I never knew that I would become a doctor until I turned 20 and not even then did I know that I would one day be in residency practicing psychiatry! I thought that I was going to end up in Hollywood as an actor or screenwriter, even though I still would like to accomplish these goals one day! But I got my mind right and set myself up to stay on one path only until it became a reality!

I never knew that I would one day start a blog called “Defeating Stigma Mindfully” and interact with people all over the world! But one day as I was sitting in my bedroom, I stumbled across WordPress and the rest was history. My point is that you can accomplish whatever you want!

You just got to have the dreams, vision, ambition and work ethic and actually set out to accomplish your goals!

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Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

The Complexity Of Impulses

Impulsive woman jumping in a burned down house

Keep The Brake Pedal Handy

The sudden strong and unreflective urge or desire to act is the definition of an impulse. The key word is unreflective. Impulses can protect us, improve our situations and relationships or can shatter us! An impulse usually has a negative connotation; we usually think of bad things happening but that is not always true. An impulse can help you get that next date, give you strength to hit the gym or study for countless hours to get that A on your upcoming exam.

But there is something strange about impulses; they often bring confusion and may even make you self-conscious. Most of the time, we do not like urges or sudden strong feelings; they make us feel insecure and unsure of the situation we are in or getting ourselves in. Impulses can sometimes get us into fights, promote an addiction or even get us into trouble with the law.

My recommendation is that people always take 10-20 seconds to think an impulse through, before acting on it. It is not hard to spot an upcoming impulse; usually you have premeditated on the future action before it happens. When you feel an impulse coming, for instance, pouring yourself an alcoholic drink when you are struggling with alcoholism, take 10-20 seconds to press the pause button and remind yourself “I have a problem with alcohol and I do not need this drink”, rather than jumping straight to the bottle.

Those 10-20 seconds may prevent you from pouring another drink, resulting in improved confidence and willpower to abstain from alcohol! What is your opinion on impulses? Share your comments below.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)