The Best Leaders Rely On Their Intuition

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Intuition Can See Through Illusive Intent

Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. We often find ourselves struggling to balance our mind and intuition; sometimes our intuition is screaming “no!” while our mind is yelling “go!” Balancing the two and bringing them to agree is the key to making better decisions.

Think of intuition as a natural and free guide that is attempting to help you avoid illusive intent, unsafe situations, uncomfortable scenarios or unpleasant future experiences. One may feel intuition originating from their chest; perhaps from the heart? Wherever it comes from, it feels like a natural flow of energy that is telling you the answer right before your eyes.

The challenge becomes listening to our intuition on a consistent basis. What usually stands in the way? Our mind. The brain is like a self-programmed computer that has been developing since its inception. It studies the world around us and processes memories, events, feelings and beliefs. It tells us when to eat, sleep, have sex, exercise or consume alcohol and drugs.

The mind is very selfish: it wants pleasure and comfort. It wants us to survive but not always with the best intent. The mind often argues with the intuition, like a sword fight between two wise ninjas. Only rarely, do they come to an agreement without difficulty. This is because intuition is not selfish; it loves and wants to protect us.

In addition, the brain relies on calculations and past experiences. It bases its decisions on past events and current intent and desires. If it sees an opportunity, it tells us “charge!” But intuition relies on instinct. It doesn’t analyze scenarios; it just knows what is good or bad and tells us “yes or no” in a very natural way that is blatantly obvious.

The best leaders rely on their intuition because they have learned that they make better decisions when they do so. Oftentimes, following your intuition in the moment while ignoring your mind feels very uncomfortable. But as hours or sometimes days pass by, your mind gives up, the smoke clears and you are swarmed with a good feeling and thought in your mind, “wow, I really do feel better now!”

So rather than being selfish and always listening to your mind, take a step back and first listen to your intuition before making a decision. If you find that your mind and intuition are stepping in the fighting ring, it’s probably a safer bet to side with your intuition!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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