Kindness of Mind

Be kind sign on yellow-painted wall

Be Positive

Do you have kindness of mind?

Your heart begs your mind to cooperate

Your mind begs your soul for guidance

It fires back with instructions

It still begs your soul for guidance

But it remains in distant observation mode

Your mind asks you for alcohol and drugs

It wants a distraction from this world

Your heart starts tearing up

It wants to see your mind practicing kindness

But your mind becomes influenced by the world

Your soul is still observing from another world

Your mind finally musters up the courage to radiate positivity

Be kind written in pink chalk on ground

Kindness of Mind: The Effort

Kindness of mind it tries

You start practicing before the act forever dies

Before the world robs your peaceful state of mind

Word of advice: don’t wait for tomorrow to implement kindness

Tomorrow is not promised

You only get one chance to demonstrate

People might look up to you

So practice it before it’s to late

Practicing hatred is not great

It makes you radiate poor taste

Jealously, envy and stubborness

Why do you have so much trouble with this?

Use your heart and intuition to guide your words

Your mind is unpredictable

But your heart is appreciable

Kindness stems from the roots of your soul

Your brain is not the main driver

Your heart was always the rider

The kindness you seek can be easily reached

Are you prepared to breach the barriers of what you seek?

People are waiting for your kindness

Give it to them already

So stop trying so hard

Your heart does not have all day

The last thing you want to happen is have it lose its way

Your mind is easily manipulated

But your heart is more highly-rated

Let the kindness and positivity flow naturally

Radiate it upon others

As easily as objects fall through gravity

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Kindness of mind smiley winking GIF face

I Am In Love With The World

Heart sign through green bush outside

Positive Affirmation: Loving The World

“I am in love with the world for God loved the world so much, that he gave his only Son Jesus Christ so that it can be saved. I do not identify with evilness but recognize its shape and form when it manifests around me and even in me at moments in time. Aside from the evilness in the world, I love the world because I am of God and I am his child. And when someone commits an evil deed towards me, I kiss his other cheek for I am here to spread love, kindness and positive vibes. I am not here to judge the world but to live for God by spreading love.”

World Kindness Day

Hand holding red and white "practice kindness" sticker

Putting Hatred Aside

If only every day were world kindness day, then this world would be a better place! The act of kindness is far from many peoples’ hearts. The act of being friendly, considerate and generous is not widely innate. Many people have their hearts filled with hatred. But today is different: today we have our hearts filled with love!

This day represents the idea of how important it is to be kind and friendly with those around you. Even if it’s people who you don’t know, just the act of being polite, respectful and doing something nice for someone speaks volumes. Actions have always spoken louder than words since the beginning of time.

It’s not so much the words that you speak, but the actions that you perform. By touching one person with kindness, you may end up saving that one particular person’s life! Everyone is going through a battle: some are depressed, anxious, angry, annoyed, brainwashed, psychotic, intoxicated, etc.

You never know who you can touch with your kindness! Whoever that person is that you touch, may go on to touch another person with kindness, eliciting a chain reaction! This is how kindness and world peace spread, from the coasts of Australia, to the mountains of Pakistan, to the pubs of Ireland and the marijuana shops of Venice Beach!

Don’t pay attention to the hatred portrayed on the media, in other peoples’ lives or in your surroundings. Just because someone does something hideous towards you, does not mean that you should retaliate. Do not lower yourself to their level. Keep your level rising and elevated than it previously was in your past!

The DSM Ready Movement has no boundaries: we welcome all races and nations aboard!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)