Healed By Rain

Person holding umbrella while walking in the rain on sidewalk

Prescribed To Raindrops

We often seek therapy, medications, internet advice and other modern-day solutions to heal us from our emotional baggage and mental health issues. But how many of us utilize the power of rain to heal ourselves? The most natural water around, rain is the life force behind all things nature: plants, trees, flowers, animals and yes, humans.

So why don’t we utilize rain to heal us from our troubles? It is so soothing to sit around your house and become comfortable while listening to the falling raindrops outside your window; especially if you incorporate this during a meditative state. Just the sound of rain hitting the outside surroundings helps to relieve stress after a long day’s work.

Try to find a comfortable place in your home and just kick back while it’s raining outside. Read a book, meditate or talk to someone who can enter this relaxing state of mind with you; just enjoy the soothing sound of rain. You don’t always have to go for a jog or unwind with a glass of wine when feeling stressed.

Your potion is provided by nature itself; you just have to remember to use it. And the best part of it is that this medicine is completely free; nothing is more natural than rain. It doesn’t involve you smoking a joint, pouring a drink, popping a pill or snorting a line. It involves some patience, the will to relax and the desire to just be present in the moment, without any expectations.

Relieving stress or healing mental illness does not always come down to medications or psychotherapy. These simple things such as taking a stroll in a quiet place out in nature, or calmly listening to the raindrops outside your window are just as good! But many people don’t do these things because they’re too caught up in quick fixes.

There are no quick fixes and if you think there are, then you’re experiencing bandaids. To really heal yourself from stress and mental illness, sometimes you just have to spend some intimate time with nature and her beauty. And her beauty spreads naturally in the form of raindrops. It’s time for you to start tapping into this natural source of healing.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


The Healing Wings Of Music

The healing effects of music from a black headphone around a colorful bricked wall

Music Can Help You Fly

There is something magical about music; it helps spark your imagination, gets your creative juices flowing, gives wings to your dreams and helps soothe your day. Learn to incorporate music into your daily life; try tuning in to a few songs on your lunch break, on your way to work or in the evening when cooling down.

Music helps improve your mood; it benefits your overall well-being, helps regulate your emotions and promotes happiness and relaxation! Being that we live in a stressful and busy world, utilize it to relieve stress and anxiety.

Music is great for exercising! When you allow music to give you wings to your dreams, your workouts will airborne and you will find yourself having more energy to go harder and longer. It’s a great tool to push your workouts to the limit.

Music can help improve your memory and cognition; the rhythm and melody helps your brain form patterns that enhance memory and attention and lessens confusion. It also helps improve communication, allowing yourself to more effectively express your emotions and feelings.

The key is to find the right genre that you click with and allow it to guide you on a relaxing journey through space and time; I recommend Thierry David’s Mix collection.

Give it a try!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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