Haters Back Off

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Meeting someone at first sight may be very deceiving. They may appear wonderful and sweet at first, but annoying and disgustful over time. First impressions are not everything. It takes some time and digging through their chart to really discover their history. If you turn a blind eye to details, you’ll be distracted by the bigger picture which does not paint a pretty sight. And what happens then? You may end up surrounding yourself with people who don’t have your best interest at heart. In that case, haters back off!

It’s not difficult to elicit more specific details about someone. All you have to do is catch them at a bad time when they are not at their best. When doing so, their emotions will get in the way and they will start revealing how they truly think and feel about you. At this point, you’re just raking in the juicy details. If their true thoughts and emotions are still pleasant, then you’re dealing with a keeper; if not, then it’s time to say goodbye and move on.

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Haters Back Off Now

Don’t do yourself a disservice by ignoring one’s true character. Study haters like a book and and learn to weed them out before they become a nuisance. Please understand that haters are very insecure to begin with. It doesn’t matter if they’re successful or poor. While it does help to be successful, insecurity is not correlated with wealth. Insecurity stems from internal psychological factors. So if a successful person is hating on you, they’re not necessarily hating on your wealth, status or success. They are hating something about your character and how you carry yourself; something that they are missing.

Hating stems from the unconscious mind and many times people don’t even know why they hate on others. We often think that haters despise our wealth or success, but as I mentioned above, it’s not always the case. Be definition, a person who is insecure is not confident or assured and is likely uncertain and anxious. If you somehow get under their skin, many times without even trying to do so, their insecurity kicks in. All of a sudden, you become their target.

It’s also very easy to spot haters. Pay attention to their body language, especially their facial expressions. I’ve stated in a previous article that paying attention to body language will help you to be successful with others. Studying the body language of haters is very easy. They often look at you with disgust or jealously and start acting cold or mean towards you. When this happens, you’ve spotted your hater! Keep doing you and don’t change anything about yourself. Remember that you’re not doing anything wrong. Don’t let a hater’s insecurity rub onto you.

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People Love To Put Us Down

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Don’t Be Like Others

Sometimes it feels like there’s no one who you can trust. Even the nicest people can suddenly turn their backs on you and act completely different at unexpected times. It hurts to experience this because you devote energy and kindness, only to be presented with unexpected rudeness and nastiness. The truth is that people love to put us down and we here at The DSM Ready Community cannot allow people to affect our mental health in negative ways.

The most important thing is to not react to others’ rudeness, especially if you have to work with them or associate with them on a consistent basis; in other words, don’t be like others. Even though it hurts to experience rudeness, you want to continue to maintain your composure and demonstrate kindness, professionalism and positivity.

For many people, doing this may prove to be a difficult task because our instinct is to revolt and respond with anger and rudeness. But our instinct is not always right; that’s why society “progresses” and “evolves.” Our instinct is based on genetic traits passed down from previous generations.

But if previous generations held genes responsible for increasing your chances of developing alcoholism, would you continue to stick with your instinct to drink? Sometimes we have to correct our instincts; doing so will improve our lives and the lives of our offspring. So never respond with rudeness when someone stabs you in the back.

This goes back to the bible where it teaches us to kiss and love our enemies. When we do this, we strive to remain calm and good people and demonstrate love in the process. This is the only way that people will learn to improve their behavior. When they see us not react to their rudeness, they will burn inside, wondering why their attacks do not influence us.

We have a role here at The DSM Ready Community: to unite and act as role models for society by demonstrating kindness, purity, love and the acceptance of mental health issues. Through our words and actions we will be able to change the world for the better.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)