Nobody Cares Work Harder

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Whenever you find yourself complaining about the difficulty of your job, remind yourself, “nobody cares, work harder.” After training your mind to work hard over many years, you start deriving pleasure from the process. Anyone would prefer to relax and not have to work for a living if they had the opportunity, but even then, happiness is not guaranteed. Hard work has the potential to bring you satisfaction which often translates into happiness. But you must balance your hard work with free time and leisure activities. If it’s all work but no play, then happiness will fly away.

Whenever you are experiencing those long grueling days at work, remind yourself that you are not the only one going through them. Happiness will be your reward before your turn off the lights at night. But you must enjoy what you do. This cannot be reiterated enough. If you went to college and are now working a job you dislike, somewhere along the way you made a mistake. Rather than continuing to devote the rest of your life to something you don’t enjoy, make a change today. You control your present which influences your future.

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Nobody Cares Work Harder and Stop Complaining

A common mistake many people make is complaining a lot about their job. The complaints are endless and often quickly pile up. One of them is that their job or schoolwork is too difficult and demanding. Nobody cares work harder! People don’t care about the process; they are only impressed with the results. In reality, the results don’t matter that much. What matters is the hard work you clocked in for many years to achieve those results. Why don’t people care about your hard work? Because it’s not attractive. They don’t want to hear about your complaints. People want to see the fancy cars and flashy clothes that your hard work earned you.

Besides luck which cannot be depended on, the solution to getting impressive results in life is working harder. No one can put in the work for you; only you can do it. So stop complaining and work harder. Don’t forget to also keep your dreams alive. Dreams provide the sugar that keeps your work effort bitterly sweet. Without some occasional sugar, your hard work becomes dull. Don’t make the mistake of working hard without dreaming. I like to remind myself of this formula:

60% hard work + 40% dreams = 100% success

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Hard Work Stings

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But Why It Pays Off In The End

Because it feels good. After training your mind to consistently work hard over many years, you start deriving pleasure from it even if it stings in the moment. Of course anyone would prefer to relax and not have to work for a living if they had the opportunity, but even then, that scenario does not guarantee happiness. Hard work that is enjoyed almost always brings satisfaction and satisfaction often translates into happiness. But this is considering that you’re also incorporating free time and leisure activities around your hard work; if it’s all work but no play, then happiness flies out the window!

So whenever you are experiencing those long, unexpected, grueling days at work, remind yourself that you are not the only one going through them, and that happiness will be your reward before your turn off the lights at the end of the day!

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First Day Of Spring

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You Are Alive

With all the worrying and anxiety circulating in society, we can finally release our breath and welcome the first day of spring. Spared a tough winter due to climate change, we were instead hit with a deadly virus that is still cruising freely with no end in sight. But against this invisible enemy comes along the season of spring, a time where we can once again see life taking shape and form through nature.

Some of you may have lost your business, family or friends . . . some of you are depressed and do not see any hope for the future. While pain hurts and its length varies in time, you have a choice today to help change your mindset and view the world for the beautiful opportunities it does offer.

One of these opportunities is to enjoy the season of spring. During these months, trees begin to blossom again, flowers begin to flirt and animals begin to mate. Even dating is more fun during spring and going out with friends while daylight increases brings upon an exciting warm feeling of love.

The best part of spring is that you are still alive; you haven’t allowed the coronavirus to rob you of your soul. Is that not enough to be happy? Every single day, people show up to the emergency room with suicidal thoughts, homicidal intentions, auditory hallucinations or visions of things that do not exist; their mental health swings back and forth like a pendulum.

But that’s not you! Instead, you are going to open your arms wide open and accept the beauty of spring; allow it to hug you while the sun shines on your innocent face. Put aside the negativity of the coronavirus and keep a positive mind above your shoulders. Do not ever forget the point of life: to be happy while making the most out of it.

Spring brings upon good spirits! Are you ready to partake?

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New Year’s Eve

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Spending Time With Yourself

Everyone is aware of the fact that new year’s eve should be quality time spent with your family and friends, reminiscing on the previous year’s funny moments and coming up with a new resolution. But what people forget about new year’s eve is the importance of spending quality time with yourself.

You can be surrounded by your most precious family members and friends, but if you aren’t spending quality time with yourself, then you most likely aren’t happy. True happiness cannot be delivered by your family and friends; it can only be harnessed within your spirit and mind.

There are two types of happiness: spiritual and mindful. Being spiritually happy is when you are content with yourself by consistently upholding your morals and beliefs on a daily basis; this can be especially appreciated after the completion of a challenging year. On the other hand, being mindfully happy is when you are at peace with the way that you think about yourself.

It is possible to be mindfully happy but not spiritually happy; but generally, not the other way around. Someone who is spiritually happy most likely will also be happy with the way they think and view the world. But someone can also be mindfully happy and spiritually sad: their morals and values may have been sacrificed at some point in the past.

New year’s eve is a time for you to ask yourself: “Am I spiritually and mindfully happy with myself, and if not, why?” There is something magical about transitioning into a new year, kind of like a momentary reset point in your life. You start to feel the vibrations of this reset point as you get closer to midnight.

And once your eyes detect 12:00 a.m., your consciousness officially resets: what happened last year suddenly loses significance, and your mind now becomes focused on the present new year. The shift happens very quickly and many people take it for granted. But you can definitely appreciate it if you become more in tune with yourself on new year’s eve.

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It Smells Like December

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Happiness Is In The Air

Christmas is around the corner. Snowstorms are approaching. Our digestive track is still recovering from Thanksgiving treats. 30 more days until the new year. It definitely smells like December. This is the time of year where you either feel more depressed than ever, or jolly and optimistic.

December is a beautiful month overall, because it signals the ending of the current year and the beginning of a new one. If 2019 wasn’t so great for you, then this is the time to leave all of your baggage in the past and mentally prepare yourself for 2020. Do not take with you what should be left behind; a new year is a new you!

Many people are depressed during the month of December because they are in the midst of fighting seasonal affective disorder (SAD). For these people, it becomes much more difficult to enjoy the Christmas spirit. But remind yourselves that you have a fairly good control over your mental illness; do not allow SAD to take away your chance of enjoying the holidays!

Some people are sad during the month of December because they are alone. Even if you are alone, your sadness is created by your mindset; it’s all about the way you interpret and view your surroundings and current situation. If you tell your mind that sadness = being alone, then you are conditioning your mind to be sad.

Besides people with schizoid personality disorder, most would agree that they would prefer to be around others during the holidays. But this does not mean that you should leave your mind marinating in sadness, just because you don’t have anyone to be around with. You have yourself! And you have God who is always by your side!

Rather than viewing December as a hit or miss month in terms of happiness, adjust your lenses and start viewing it as a peaceful, relaxing and beautiful month. December is like the change in seasons: out with the old and in with the new! In this case, a new year is approaching, full of new opportunities and new relationships!

If you are ever feeling lonely, by all means, feel free to contact The DSM Ready Community. We are always here to help!

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Mental Health Intros Begin With Honesty

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Honesty Is The Heart Of A Therapeutic Relationship

Thank you for joining me! My name is Dr. Alexander Sinu, MD. I am a psychiatry resident in the New York City area and I created this website so that we can share meaningful experiences and advice about mental health. This is intended to be a therapeutic platform where we can come together and share our experiences and advice on how to manage mental health concerns, life stressors and ending mental health stigma. The stigma of mental health is slowly fading and my goal is to build a community that will help us lead happier and healthier lives. We are in this together!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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