Violent Entertainment And Community Effects

Adolescents playing violent video games on laptops

Do Violent Video Games Make People More Likely To Be Violent In Real Life?

Violent entertainment will never go away just as porn never has and never will; the amount of dopamine released in the brain’s reward center is keeping these industries alive. The demand is too great and the profits too enormous for the entertainment industry to drop violence altogether. But this is exactly what needs to be considered if we want to help decrease gun violence in the United States and around the world.

The reality is that violent video games, movies and songs contribute to mass shootings. A child’s brain is like a sponge, soaking up every piece of information that comes along its way; especially entertainment. When you introduce a child to a violent video game, he or she unconsciously registers the sequence of events that occur in that video game; memories become consolidated faster than any exam that child will ever study for.

Even if a child who plays violent video games has no intention of ever picking up a gun, things happen in life which stir up a child or adolescent’s feelings, emotions and thought processes. Adolescence is the period of a person’s life where they identify more with their peers and less with their parents.

During adolescence, image and popularity are very important objectives. Some adolescents struggle with being accepted by their peers and start to experience anger, frustration, hateful thoughts, depression and even mental breakdowns.

And guess what comes back lurking into their lives when they start feeling anger towards their peers? Their unconscious mind suddenly floods their conscious mind with acts of violence it had previously registered from video games, movies and violent hip hop lyrics. An adolescent may actually retreat back to these forms of entertainment to get their dose or “fix” of bullets and armor.

What was once intended as being entertainment can sometimes turn into a reality. With so much anger and hatred boiling in vulnerable and fragile adolescents, they no longer are able to think clearly because their emotions are flooding their mind. In addition, their undeveloped and immature frontal lobes lack the judgement and reasoning required to prevent them from doing something catastrophic.

To believe that the only main solution is tighter gun regulations or the banning of guns is naive and a disservice to the people of the United States. So many factors play a role in gun violence in the United States:

  • Under-treated mental illness and mental health stigma
  • A culture fueled by the love for guns
  • Violent entertainment
  • An international black market which will never go away
  • Hatred for other races, ethnicities and cultures

To remove violent entertainment from our society would almost be a shock for a large portion of the population who has engaged with these forms of entertainment for a long time. But in the long run, it would help developing minds focus on positive things such as education, sports and socializing rather than wasting countless hours glued to violent screens.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

El Paso Shooting

Mentally ill person wearing armor suit and carrying shotgun

Turning A Blind Eye To Mental Illness

A manifesto. Accumulation of hate. Thoughts of killing. Destruction. Elimination. All fueled by deep hatred stemming from malfunctioning brain circuits; neurons releasing too little or too much neurotransmitters in different regions of the brain. Meanwhile, the clues pile up on social media and nobody does anything about it.

This is the problem with gun violence in the United States: mental illness is still not receiving the full attention and focus that it needs to prevent such catastrophes from taking place. People witness disturbing social media posts or odd behavior by a certain individual and do nothing about it.

Whenever you see something, say something! Mental illness can no longer be ignored. For how much longer will America turn a blind eye to mental health? Guns do not kill people; people kill people! A deep hatred towards another race, gender, ethnicity or creed stems from mental illness. All emotions originate from the brain.

Anger, jealously, hatred or fear; they all originate from the brain. There is no hatred without something malfunctioning in the human mind. When you have a person take twenty innocent lives and injury twenty-six people in a shopping mall on a Saturday afternoon, you know that mental illness played a role. You would have to be naive and ignorant to believe otherwise.

Some would argue that America is overmedicated and that we need to rely less on prescription drugs. How can this argument stand when every other month there is a shooting spree in a different state? We can ban all the guns in the world but people with mental illness would still obtain them very easily via the black market.

Banning guns is like starting a modern day “war on drugs” by attempting to make everything illegal. We are finally admitting that the “war on drugs” has failure, as evidenced by the modern opioid and methamphetamine epidemics, soon to be followed by a stimulant epidemic.

Banning guns is not the solution; it never will be. The solution is ending the mental health stigma and coming forward to share our problems rather than spraying them on innocent lives. We need to be honest with ourselves and step out of the darkness where mental illness sometimes takes us.

It is time for America to come out of the closet regarding our mental health crisis. We can no longer treat this subject lightly or else innocent lives will continue to be robbed. Violence, murders, suicides and drug abuse all stem from an under-treated society. We are being prescribed medications but we are not fully forthcoming with all of our problems.

The psychiatric medications are acting as temporary bandages rather than long-term solutions. Some people do not even know the significance of the medication which they are taking. This is because we are superficially addressing the mental health crisis. We can no longer be ashamed of sharing our problems with each other.

And this applies to the rest of the world as well. By coming together and sharing our mental health concerns, we will make this world a better place and decrease violence and hatred exponentially!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)