Lack Of Sleep

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Going To Bed Too Late

With so many options for entertainment at our fingertips, we often forget the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. One may even go as far as calling technology the enemy of sleep; the stimulation goes against the relaxed state of mind needed to fall asleep smoothly and free of distractions.

Some people believe that it’s irrelevant what time you go to sleep, as long as you make up for it by waking up later in the morning. The problem is that waking up later in the morning does not make you feel more refreshed, than if you would have gone to sleep earlier in the night, such as 9pm or 10pm. There is something about going to bed early that makes you feel amazing the next day!

The lack of sleep literally paralyzes your day. Your interactions with others are negatively affected, because you become easily irritable and annoyed. It may not even be their fault; just their presence and ways of being may annoy you enough to confront them and spark an argument.

The lack of sleep also takes away your motivation to work or study. By early evening, you feel so tired that you feel like doing nothing but relaxing on the couch or going to sleep. For what you thought was fun to stay up last night, you end up paying for it in grumpiness and lack of motivation the following day.

The lack of sleep also robs you of your vitality the next day. You just don’t feel as happy about things; it’s as if your personality has been robbed and you’ve been turned into a zombie, just wandering around without positive energy. You are then confronted with a mental battle based on two opposing options: to go to sleep later and make up for it by having fun, or to go to sleep early and sacrifice all opportunities of entertainment.

To avoid this dilemma, the best course of action is to maintain a consistent sleep schedule that involves you going to sleep no later than 10pm, and waking up no later than 8am. Don’t sacrifice your sleep for more hours of the day; extra hours won’t pay off in the long run. Proper sleep is necessary for a healthy state of mind!

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