Castle In The Sky

Jesus Christ statue on mountain surrounded by clouds

Praying While Looking At The Sky

Every day is a new opportunity to thank The Lord for your blessings. Even if you are not a believer, don’t be ashamed to start praying today. Just the very act of thinking about turning to The Lord is proof that you are heading in the right direction. It’s one of the most wonderful feelings to pray while looking at the sky, being thankful for everything that you have. The castle in the sky sees all.

The best part of the castle in the sky is that it’s free to anybody who seeks it, as long as your heart is in the right place. Almost everyone seeks or wishes for eternal life, but not everyone turns in the right direction to find it. By starting to pray today, you are opening yourself up to God’s love and compassion.

And God can be of great help in your life if you just allow Him to guide you. It’s not easy to be guided however. As humans, we are very stubborn and in touch with our flesh; the flesh embodies the roots of all evil. Our body is like a pot of soil; in it can grow beautiful flowers or thorny roses.

It’s not what goes into a man that defiles him, but what comes out of his heart. You can be eating all the pork in the world, but if your heart is golden and full of love, then you remain in good hands. But if you eat appropriate food and fast, while your heart is rotten, then that’s equivalent to zero.

God doesn’t want religious nuts, but spiritual fruits! And you can become a spiritual fruit today, but starting to pray in the privacy of your home. No one has to know that you’re doing it. God likes it when you pray in the privacy of your home; He will reward you plentiful in public!

So don’t lose hope in life, because God is always available to comfort you. You just have to be willing to seek His help and guidance and love Him with all your mind and heart.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

We All Are One

Pink heart-shaped sparklers on dark background

We Are The Same Person

He’s different. She’s different. You’re different. But we all are one: we are the same person. We were all created in His image: we were all given life in order to experience love. Some choose to divide themselves from love; it’s their free will. But some of us choose to build upon love: we are the ones who need to step up and spread it every chance that we get.

Spreading love is not hard for some of us: we use our hearts to spread joy, our ears to absorb joy, our eyes to spot joy, our mouthes to spit joy and our minds to entertain joy. And for all the people who don’t participate in love, it should always be our agenda to help them hop on board and join this lovely ride.

Never turn your back against those who choose to hate; they complement us. Through their polar opposites, we learn how to strengthen our hearts and fortify our mental and emotional well-being. Many people who hate just need an extended hand that will guide them back in the right direction.

We should always strive to guide ourselves and others in the right direction. President Trump is making America great again, but we are making this World great again. We are not against anyone: we do not despise hatred, racism or evilness. Rather, we view them as opportunities for change.

And these opportunities all revolve around becoming one under the Great Almighty who is all love. If we can help people in need tap into this love called the Holy Spirit, then we are proudly doing God’s work. God’s work doesn’t require a fancy degree: it requires the will to live a better life and to help others remain on this lovely ride called unity.

No matter how much division you hear about on the news or experience on a daily basis, step out of this world and envision yourself floating above planet Earth. What do you see? See how insignificant division and hatred appear from this high up? Before we were and after we will be, God’s creation will always remain one.

Now this does not mean that we cannot fall astray when we allow our guards down. Satan is always at work around the clock, trying to pull you off your track and make you stumble into uncertainty and confusion. But if you pray and ask God for guidance and love, He will not let you down, just as you should never let your lost brother or sister down.

The DSM Ready Community is one with humanity. Join this lovely free ride: there’s first class for everyone.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

God Loves Life

Jesus Christ crucifix statue

Distracted By Negativity

If God didn’t love life, you wouldn’t be here today experiencing love and happiness. He created this world so we could experience what it feels like to live, laugh, smile and most importantly to love. Yet no matter how many opportunities we come across to live a happy and blissful life, we somehow still allow the negativity of this world to influence us.

God loves life when he sees his creation living a prosperous, loving and caring lifestyle. He loves it when we help each other and extend our hearts to one another. He doesn’t like it when we lie, indulge in lust and sin, steal, deceit others, kill and spread hated, negativity and evilness in the world.

Evilness is the negativity which attempts to influence us on a daily basis. Negativity is like an invisible force that hovers all around us in space and time. It easily spreads from one human to another, engulfing us under its influence and keeping us locked and loaded in the negativity trigger.

Once we are positioned in the negativity trigger, we’re shot around like spraying bullets, infecting and injuring others around us. This is the evil never-sleeping chain reaction that continuously rocks this world from its peaceful core. And the more that you partake in it, the harder it becomes to set yourself free.

God loves life because he has given us an opportunity to experience free will. He does not force himself upon you. He allows you to decide if you want to live a life full of love or a life full of sin. But God experiences pain as well, especially when he sees us suffering and indulging in negativity.

One of the crucial problems experienced by many people around the world, is the indulgence in negativity without even knowing it; this is happening on an unconscious level. As we previously discussed, the unconscious mind pulls the strings of your conscious mind. But who is pulling the strings of your unconscious mind?

When the answer is “negativity,” then that’s when you know that you are in too deep. That’s when you have to take a step back and reanalyze your way of being: your choices, decision-making, thought process, thought content, perception, intentions and relationships. Again, God gives you the free will to pick and choose your route: are you going to take a bite out of an earthly and tasty fruit or are you going to drink the blood of Jesus Christ, and live a pure and dedicated life to God and his salvation?

God loves life. Do you?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Why Religion Is Still Important

Silhouette of cross under dark clouds

One Blood Under God

For millennials and Generation Z, the interest in patriotism, religion and family have fallen by 9%, 12% and 16%, respectively. Values are changing from the past and this may be good and bad. Just because society is viewed as “progressive” does not mean that it serves us any better than it once did.

A religion is a particular system of faith and worship. For many people who have had the blessing of being taught about God from an early age, religion has helped guide their life through adversity and through good times. However, it is important to note that religion and spirituality are not always the same.

Many people can be religious and attend church “for the hell of it.” For these people, God does not look down upon them with good favor; going through the motions is not loveworthy. And then there are spiritual people who may not attend church but believe the bible and that Christ was the son of god who was sacrificed in order to save humanity; they show god their love in privacy. For these people, god shines his light on them.

So if you utilize religion or spirituality for purposes other than the love for Christ and God our creator, then you are not helping yourself much. Religion is still important because it helps guide our life; it gives us a purpose besides our selfish human desires which often lead us into temptations, lust and sin. Religion is the foundation which helps connect us to each other and to our creator.

Raising a family is also still very important! In the bible it says, “man shall leave his parents and unite with woman and become one.” It pleases God to see man and woman unite. In the bible it goes on to say, “For man was created first, but God saw that man was lonely, so he created woman out of man.” God gave us the power to create and it should feel good to bring a new being into this world.

The loss of interest in raising a family can be risky because it may promote promiscuity. Family and religion are the bedrocks to living an honest and loyal life; this does not mean that it always happen! But at least they help. But being single or with a significant other for too long, especially in this day and age, can lead to shifting interests which may result in breakups, unhappiness and even mental illness.

Lastly, patriotism is still important as well! No group of people should isolate themselves and believe that they are better than others; God does not favor arrogance. He created all colors and ethnicities; we are all one blood under God. But what we should do is be patriotic by loving and supporting our country. By coming together, this helps us remain united and advance society in the right direction.

Overall, religion, family and patriotism are values which are not as important among millennials and Generation Z. But just because a trend arises, does not mean that you have to agree with it, or even worse, participate in it. Stand up for what you believe in!

The DSM Ready Movement believes in religion, family and patriotism!

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