Giving A Dollar

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Giving Is Worth More Than Receiving

If you find it in your heart to lend a helping hand to a person or organization in need, then you are leading a life worth feeling happy over. Human nature has it that we want much more than we give; selfishness makes up our DNA code. But just because we are coded in such a way, does not mean we cannot do the opposite.

The amount that you give is irrelevant. What matters is the act, your heart and your delivery! Even if you give one dollar to the breast cancer foundation while standing in line to board your flight to Pittsburgh, and you give it in a humble manner without expecting anything back, that counts much more than receiving.

If you feel compelled to give because “everyone is doing it,” then don’t even bother. Save your energy because your big bags of gold will not earn anyone’s favor. Jesus tells us a story in the bible where a poor woman gave her last coin to the church versus the proud and rich teachers of the law giving their big bags of coins.

Jesus educates us in the bible that the poor woman found favor in god’s heart and had a place in heaven as opposed to the arrogant rich men. It’s not how much you give but how you give it. A great pile of money is no good if its donor stinks to high heaven. But even one dollar from a heart of gold is worth everlasting more.

If you have not yet found it in your heart to donate, then it’s not too late to start today. There are many organizations accepting donations online; just make sure to find the honest ones. You can also try giving a homeless person a dollar. Don’t worry about what they will do with it.

Just practice the act of giving from your heart with a generous and loving intention!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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