Even Lovers Need A Holiday

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Give Space Where Space Is Due

Whether in a casual, short-term or long-term relationship, giving space to your significant other is very important. Being clingy and always available can actually turn off your partner; it signals weakness and desperation. These traits can become apparent at any point in a relationship; no one is 100% immune.

Giving space to your significant other means what it sounds like: allow them to breath and live their life without your constant input and presence. Giving space helps build lost attraction and intensifies your relationship when the two of you do come together. When you sense yourself becoming desperate, remind yourself that this may be a form of anxiety.

Desperation may be a form of anxiety because you unconsciously worry that you might lose your lover. Therefore, you become clingy: you text them all the time; you breath down their throat; you always want to do things together; you lose interest in other activities. When this happens, you are setting yourself up for failure; a major buzzkill and blow to your ego.

Giving others space is a basic human concept that should be applied to everyone, not just lovers. The absence of presence builds curiosity, interest and passion way more than if you’re around them all of the time. Allow life to naturally bring people to you; don’t force things to happen when your intuition is telling you otherwise.

It sometimes feels like your mind and intuition are opposing forces and you’re stuck in the middle; you often fall for what your mind tells you. For instance, your mind may tell you to text a person you’re interested in, while your intuition is screaming “hold your horses, don’t do that!” When you ignore your intuition, that is when negative results begin to pile up.

If you got as far as being in a casual, short-term or long-term relationship, then put your anxiety aside and keep doing what you’re doing; there is no need for clinginess, desperation and unattractive behavior. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot because you have been closer to your prize than ever before. Maintain the attractive qualities of independence, confidence and honesty and you will be in good shape!

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