Gathering Of Friends

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Cherishing The Good Times Together

As one enters high school, the goal of making a lot of friends and becoming popular sometimes supersedes education. Many of these friendships that are established in high school are either shallow or not for the long run. But as one ages, the amount of friends made becomes less important; it’s the quality that matters.

Finding a few friends who share your interests and treat you with respect is much more valuable, than finding many friends but who talk behind your back or don’t care that much about you. It seems like common sense, but it’s not applied by many people, especially during the younger years.

Once you find a few friends who have your back, work on developing your relationships by learning more about who they are. There is always something new that we can learn about someone. As a matter of fact, there is always something new that we can learn about ourselves, allowing others to learn more about us!

Many people complain, “I have friends, but they’re not exactly how I’d like them to be.” There is no such thing as a perfect friend! Everyone will have flaws, weaknesses and personality traits that might come off as annoying from time to time, but that shouldn’t stop you from being friends with them!

Unless you have friends who put you down and don’t really have your back, then stop complaining. Instead of wishing for better friends, be appreciative of who God has put into your life at the present moment. Work on improving your friendships while improving yourself as well!

Cherish the good times you do have with your current friends and enjoy their presence. Make yourself a good presence as well so they can partake in the good times. What matters the most is that you and your friends get along, have things in common and are healthy!

Don’t get stuck on the small details. The bigger picture at play is what usually matters most.

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Finding Old Friends

Old Friends Who Turned Into Strangers

One of the beauties of life is that you never know who you will run into again. There are so many avenues and paths for people to take, that it almost feels impossible to reunite with old friends who have left your life a long time ago. But little do you know that life sometimes brings back people from the past.

We all must know a friend or two from our past, who somewhere along the way, turned into a stranger who we no longer recognized. Sometimes that is normal. The personality of a person does not remain constant at all times; life helps mold a person and reshape him or her for the new circumstances that present into their life.

Just because an old friend becomes a stranger does not mean that you have to do the same. Do not attempt to get back at a person; it is a waste of energy and time. Allow people to act as they wish; if they make a change which you don’t like, then move on with your life but on friendly terms.

Sometimes people go through changes and end up returning back to their true self. This is when old friends potentially return back into your life after many years of no interaction with them. And little did you know that after meeting them again after many years of no communication, you would still have so much chemistry and things in common!

This is why you must not close yourself off to old friends who are no longer in your life. Do not burn bridges that can still be crossed in the future! Everyone has the free will to experiment with different beliefs, ways of being and experimental routes in life.

But by keeping your door wide open, you welcome old friends back into your life. And this is a very good feeling when you realize that they have not changed much after all. It’s as if they never have left your life in the first place!

The lesson learned here is the importance of not becoming bitter, stubborn and attempting to get back at an old friend. Old friends who reemerge into your present life have the potential for becoming lifelong companions!

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Weed Out Your Friendships

Look Beyond The Mask

Who are your true friends? We often think that we may have made exciting new friends, but there is always a true character behind the mask. A true friend will offer to take his or her mask off within days of meeting you; they know that you are trustworthy and goodhearted.

But can you say the same about them? We often fall victim of false friendships out of insecurity and desperation. Sometimes we just want to fit in; other times we are blindfolded and cannot tell the difference between friend and foe. And then we wonder why pain has made its way into our lives again.

That is why you must develop an eye for weeding out your friendships. Allow your intuition to guide you in the process; if there are more negative feelings related to a person, they are a foe. If there are more positive feelings related to a person, they are a friend. But even then, always be wary because “friends can be your worst enemy”; after all, they know you best.

Becoming paranoid on who is your friend or foe is not the direction you should take. Paranoia will only isolate you and you will end up with none. But be smart, sharp and wise! Learn from your past relationships, analyze why they ended or why they lasted. Do not let history repeat itself in a negative fashion; your heart does not deserve the pain from people who do not have your best interest.

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