The Fire In Your Heart

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Never Giving Up

Motivation is the drive behind passion, perseverance and resilience; it keeps you hungry even when all options have been exhausted. It’s the fuel that helps you get up early in the morning and strive for success. It’s pumped by your two heart ventricles all around your body and keeps you pushing for more.

Never giving up is easier said than done. Many people give up everyday when faced with challenges that they can’t seem to overcome. They fall on their knees exhausted, leak out many tears and give up the ghost. But giving up should never be permanent.

We all feel like giving up sometimes; life just becomes too painful and exhausting. Sometimes we try so hard and see no results; we feel defeated and ashamed. But the most important action is to take the rest of the day off and wake up the next morning with that fire in your heart; the drive to get back at it and shoot for success!

There is not one person in this world who has or will experience a perfect life; it doesn’t exist. Even wealthy people who are cruising on their millionaire-dollar yachts while you’re at work are suffering. Everyone is battling something, whether it’s self-esteem issues, depression, lack of motivation or pain.

Wealth has nothing to do with drive; they are independent factors. Some people are wealthy and never had drive; they inherited everything. Some people are wealthy and had drive from the beginning. Some people are poor because they never had drive. Some people are poor even though they have drive.

It’s not your success that counts but the fire in your heart! Are you willing to maintain a respectable character and give it your all despite going against the odds?

If your answer is yes, then welcome to The DSM Ready Movement!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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