Feeling Feminine

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Being In Touch With Your Feminine Side

There is nothing wrong with feeling feminine. Just as many women feel masculine at times, the same applies with men feeling feminine. It’s not known why this happens in the first place. It could be related to environmental factors, genetics or simply your personality. But being in touch with your feminine side is not a bad thing. There are actually positives to it.

Feeling feminine helps complement your masculinity. Many men make silly mistakes based on their masculine traits, such as developing a temper towards women, losing their cool when things don’t go their way and often thinking too much with their Johnson. By adding a touch of femininity into your life, many mistakes can easily be avoided.

Another advantage to feeling feminine is that you can more easily relate with women and gay men. Conversations can easily be initiated and continued without awkwardness and unnecessary thinking. Not all gay men are feminine, but the many that are can really appreciate a breath of fresh air from straight men.

Feeling feminine can also help you appreciate what women feel like on a daily basis. Understanding the opposite sex can be very beneficial in relationships and marriages, and understanding gender dynamics in general. Many men go crazy when women do the things that they do, pulling out whatever hair they have left and yelling, “I can’t take her anymore! She’s psycho!”

Use your femininity to your advantage; embrace it, don’t shy away from it. If anything, it gives you a better understanding of how both genders interact, based on their thoughts, emotions, decisions and behaviors. Tapping into your feminine side can make you more emotionally intelligent, helping to guide your relationships in the right direction.

Got femininity?

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