Feeling Sad


Borderline State of Mind

Feeling sad

The pain comes in rapidly

Unexpectedly it flows into your vicinity

Like a swallowed pill kicking in at the bottom of the hour

You’re taking another raincheck

You don’t know what to believe anymore

Do you allow the sadness to storm over

Or do you take control and roar

The truth is that you have to battle your way

Life wants to test, trick or tease you

It’s up to you to be aware and react accordingly

Letting it swivel you around won’t bring you goods accordingly

Take control in the moment

Implement positive seeds, sprouting positive deeds

But even doing that tilts you at an unease

There’s a war on your mind

Mental illness is like a savage in the wild

A stranger that wants to make you uneasy

Can you spot it before it makes you uneasy?

Is this really a borderline state of mind?

Or only a test of time?

Feeling Sad: A Test of Time

What if sadness is a test of time?

Once you cross the finish-line

Your sadness dissipates

Instantaneously it evaporates

You wonder what changed

While celebrating your victory

There is no more shame

Was this all a test of time?

Riding it out till the end

You experienced some pain

And now your spent

Life has pulled away its chains

You’re now free to explore happiness for a change

Is this too good to be true?

You might wake up tomorrow again feeling blue

Have some confidence you tell yourself

Insecurity might reel in sadness mixed with hell

Sad white woman sitting next to window staring outside

Feeling Sad: Moving Forward

It’s been weeks since you last felt sad

Maybe it was a test of time

You’re glad

You take advantage of the situation

You’re moving forward

You’re finally content

This situation can never end

You’re optimism is blowing up

You’re nowhere near spent

Your mind is high on life

You never want it to end

Where was this state of mind the last couple of decades?

Let’s hope this never ends

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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Saddening Thoughts

Sad African American man looking down while sitting on a ledge in a city

When Sad Thoughts Take Over

They can suddenly hit you like a thousand bricks falling down from a demolished building. Thoughts sometimes have a life of their own and you become an observer on the sidelines. When these thoughts take the form of sadness, you cannot hide from them and it surely becomes difficult to stop them. You must ride the wave.

The wave of saddening thoughts can sometimes be very difficult to surf upon. The height of these waves vary; sometimes their small but aggressively fierce or tsunami-like and destructive. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are at riding them; even the best fall down.

The impact of falling from saddening thoughts can be devastating if you do not practice your falls like a stunt performer. Sometimes all you can do is cry and pray to god to alleviate the pain. God always hears your prayers but sometimes wants you to suffer in order to gain.

To suffer is to gain; without it, your character would not build strength and resilience. But many people suffer endlessly and do not know how to recover from saddening thoughts. For some, these moments progress to depression. And depression sometimes progresses to suicidal thoughts.

When saddening thoughts take a hold of you, learn to ride the wave as smoothly as possible. That’s all you can do. Don’t get hard on yourself and fall in the trap of the saddening thoughts. You are stronger than them if you ride the wave, knowing that this too will come to an end.

And they do come to an end. Sometimes saddening thoughts may last a couple of minutes; sometimes they last a few hours. But no matter the length of time, you do not give up! You ride the wave through until the calming effects settle in. And once you are back at your baseline, you learn from the experience!

And you share your experience with The DSM Ready Community!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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