Why Religion Is Still Important

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One Blood Under God

For millennials and Generation Z, the interest in patriotism, religion and family have fallen by 9%, 12% and 16%, respectively. Values are changing from the past and this may be good and bad. Just because society is viewed as “progressive” does not mean that it serves us any better than it once did.

A religion is a particular system of faith and worship. For many people who have had the blessing of being taught about God from an early age, religion has helped guide their life through adversity and through good times. However, it is important to note that religion and spirituality are not always the same.

Many people can be religious and attend church “for the hell of it.” For these people, God does not look down upon them with good favor; going through the motions is not loveworthy. And then there are spiritual people who may not attend church but believe the bible and that Christ was the son of god who was sacrificed in order to save humanity; they show god their love in privacy. For these people, god shines his light on them.

So if you utilize religion or spirituality for purposes other than the love for Christ and God our creator, then you are not helping yourself much. Religion is still important because it helps guide our life; it gives us a purpose besides our selfish human desires which often lead us into temptations, lust and sin. Religion is the foundation which helps connect us to each other and to our creator.

Raising a family is also still very important! In the bible it says, “man shall leave his parents and unite with woman and become one.” It pleases God to see man and woman unite. In the bible it goes on to say, “For man was created first, but God saw that man was lonely, so he created woman out of man.” God gave us the power to create and it should feel good to bring a new being into this world.

The loss of interest in raising a family can be risky because it may promote promiscuity. Family and religion are the bedrocks to living an honest and loyal life; this does not mean that it always happen! But at least they help. But being single or with a significant other for too long, especially in this day and age, can lead to shifting interests which may result in breakups, unhappiness and even mental illness.

Lastly, patriotism is still important as well! No group of people should isolate themselves and believe that they are better than others; God does not favor arrogance. He created all colors and ethnicities; we are all one blood under God. But what we should do is be patriotic by loving and supporting our country. By coming together, this helps us remain united and advance society in the right direction.

Overall, religion, family and patriotism are values which are not as important among millennials and Generation Z. But just because a trend arises, does not mean that you have to agree with it, or even worse, participate in it. Stand up for what you believe in!

The DSM Ready Movement believes in religion, family and patriotism!

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Living By Yourself

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From Flowers To Trees

Spending a lot of time by yourself can be good and bad. Alone time allows you to fully experience your true self without putting up any barriers. This helps you feel free and live life on your terms. You don’t have to worry about someone telling you to wash the dishes, get the groceries or clean the house.

Living by yourself allows you to establish patterns and rituals which help you feel happy and comfortable; all the power lies in your hands! You become accustomed to doing things your way. This feels very rewarding because you become more in tune with yourself; you learn more about what you like and dislike.

But too much time by yourself can also backfire! When someone comes into your life, you may feel like your space is violated and start to dislike their presence. For instance, your kitchen may be picture perfect, but after somebody visits you, things may be arranged differently which suddenly annoys you.

Why does this happen? You’re usually not annoyed by people! But this is the problem with being by yourself for too long of a time; you become enclosed within a bubble. And anyone who is coming into your bubble is contaminating it; you become defensive and territorial!

This can lead to ruined relationships, not because you dislike others, but because you have become rigid and inflexible. Unconsciously, you take out your discomfort onto others for violating your space. But in reality, they are not violating anything; it’s your mind which needs to revert back to accepting the presence of others who enter your space.

After all, friends and family are there to provide support and love. Remind yourself that nothing is more precious than shared love. The love for yourself will always be there, but without others’ love, it can only grow so much. Rather than keeping your bubble solo and immaculate, allow others into it and risk some discomfort.

You grow best in the presence of others: a single flower can wither away while a family tree can last many years to come.

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Family Is Everything

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Unconditional Love

Life works in unpredictable ways; one moment you are spending time laughing with your friends and the other you are staring out of a psychiatric unit window wondering what you did wrong in life. Having a supportive family by your side can help bring you back to a comfortable place mentally.

Your family knows you best; they were there for you during your childhood, and for some, even provided you with a roof above your head during your adulthood. Bonding with your family helps remind you of all the good memories from the past; this results in an overall feeling of well-being.

Behavioral problems can decrease when you receive family support. For instance, a very agitated patient who is involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric unit improves dramatically in her behavior after her parents visit her for 30 minutes. This is because parents provide a comforting touch that no psychiatrist or clinician can provide; they know which buttons to push and which emotions to trigger for the better.

A family provides you with self-confidence. They teach you the ways of the world and how to deal with good and bad situations. It is wise to learn from your family because some of them have been around longer than you have; time provides experience and wisdom!

Interactions with your family provides an opportunity to learn more about yourself. Your family knows a lot about how you think and through their responses in conversations, you can come to the realization of any negative thought process you hold. A family provides you the opportunity to take an inward look at yourself and fix any issues or faults which you previously had not observed.

They can help you become a better person by teaching morals and values which you did not previously pick up as a child. A strong family core can help keep you grounded in life and prevent you from drifting in the wrong directions. One of your greatest gifts is your family, so love them with all your might and be thankful for their presence!

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Cherish Your Family

Five person family walking on seashore during golden hour

Your Family Is The Blessing

No matter how difficult the world may be, do not lose your bond with your family. A family is a source of emotional support, protection, love and security. Even if arguments arise from time to time, brush them aside and look at the bigger picture: “I have a family I can be with.”

Some individuals lose their family from a young age; they may become lost in life and turn to drugs, prostitution, criminal activity or even sex trafficking. Their nest crumbled at a young age and they were never ready to tackle the hardships of society. Remember to remind yourself how your family is still around; count your blessings!

Utilize your family to learn and grow from. Do not repeat the same mistakes they make; be the role model and teach them right from wrong. A family is a unit that learn’s from each other; put aside your ego and humble yourself.

Be thankful for every day that you get to spend with your family; friends cannot replicate the same consistent natural love that you obtain from your family. Because friends come and go, but a strong family can be there for a lifetime. Everyday that you have the opportunity to hear, speak to or be around your family is a blessing!

Let’s make The DSM Ready Movement an international family focused on peace, love, prosperity and success!

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