The Different Chapters Of Life

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Life Is Made Up Of Many Different Chapters

There are moments in life when you start to realize that things may not be going your way. You start to realize that it’s the beginning of a new chapter but you also start to worry that it may not go your way. Sometimes you start telling yourself that it may be the worst four months of your life that are about to follow. You even wake up sad asking yourself, “Do I even want to go to work today? Do I even enjoy what I do?”

What you are experiencing when this is happening is the transitioning from an old chapter in your life into a new one. No one likes transitions; it’s human nature to feel uncomfortable with changes and to prefer to remain in one place with everything already going your way. But life has many different chapters in store for you and when these changes are ready to happen, it means that it’s time to finish an old chapter and start a new one.

Sometimes you have to hop onto a new chapter in order to improve. You might not recognize the improvements at first but in the long run, you’ll come to appreciate the new chapter that was opened up to you. This is because your new chapter may be cloudy at first; everyone handles changes differently. Some people have a harder time letting go of previous chapters in their life and moving on; these are the ones who have a lot of potential to benefit from future changes.

Just remember that you are not the only one who dislikes changes in life. Many people experience difficulty moving on in life and you have to remind yourself this whenever you are feeling down. The last person that you want to be angry with is yourself. It may or may not be your fault that you are experiencing a new chapter, but you never want to take it out on yourself or others. Just go with the flow and begin the new chapter as life has it set up for you.

In the end, experiencing the different chapters of life helps shape you into the person you are. Don’t fear change but learn to let go of your past and accept your new future. It’s not easy to step out of your comfort zone, but it feels awesome once you get the hang of your new chapter and start noticing the benefits and positive changes in your character and in your life. Don’t be discouraged when the road becomes bumpy and you start feeling insecure and uncertain with yourself; we all go through it!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Different Walks Of Life

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Stories Shared From Across The Table

The stories shared by different types of people is exciting and engaging to listen to. The different walks of life that people come from is what makes us different and unique. It’s these different paths that keep us craving for more information; they help us become understanding and appreciative of one another’s experiences.

Your perceptive on life way be completely different than the Native American sitting across the table from you, the kid from Philadelphia who witnessed 12 UFOs hovering above a river near Delaware, or the quiet and observant guy with the spiked blonde hair sitting in the corner not spitting a syllable. Coming together at a table to share our presence and unique life experiences is what makes us human overall.

You will come to realize that not everyone that you meet is based on a coincidence; many times, life had these encounters already planned for you. You may never receive the answer as to why, but if you think outside the box and connect the dots, it becomes clearly apparent. And this should not freak you out; ride the experience and take away from it what you can.

It’s a beautiful thing that all of us come from different walks of life. If we were all the same, we wouldn’t have as many rich stories and diverse experiences to share with each other. One person’s story is another person’s dream! God brings us together so we can encounter different beliefs, attitudes and ways of being.

If God wanted the same people from the same location with the same experiences, then he would have created that. But he didn’t. Instead, he made Africans, South Americans, blacks, whites, Native Americans, Alaskan natives, etc. He made different continents with different cultures so we can appreciate the inherent beauty of his creation.

Each of us is a different story waiting to be unfolded from across the table. Each of us are unique in many different and beautiful ways. Each of us have the power to make a difference in somebody else’s life through our actions and words. We are so different in many ways, yet so similar in regards to being human.

Have you shared your story from across the table?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)