Living Among Evilness

Evil person behind tall window of a brick building

The Older You Grow, The More Evilness You Observe

Childhood is the purest time of one’s life, unless the child is diagnosed with conduct disorder. As one ages, he or she starts to recognize just how much corruption creeps in ever corner of society. This includes the abuse of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, prostitution, crime and the list goes on. And the more exposure that you receive to evilness, the more adept you become at recognizing it.

Modern-day evilness is more sophisticated and inclusive in everything that we do. It is everywhere: in technology, music, movies, the internet, bars, the streets and almost anything or anywhere that you can think of. It just creeps around society, waiting for its next opportunity to further infect.

The problem becomes when evilness starts influencing your life; the worst case scenarios are when you don’t even know that you are being influenced. This occurs because the nature of evilness is shadowy; it lurks in the dark but also becomes evident in the light. You don’t have to look to hard to observe evilness.

Modern-day evilness comes in all shapes and forms. For instance, dating apps are polluted with beautiful women willing to sell their bodies for an Apple Pay reward. Prostitution has infiltrated the dating scene; one doesn’t even have to drive into a bad neighborhood any longer.

The bar and nightclub scene have also become infested with evilness. Cocaine drug dealers lurk around the corner, patiently waiting for their prey while giving you a wink. While the prey is always at fault for their mistake of purchasing or bumping the cocaine, sometimes you feel like it’s not even their fault; the grasp of evilness does not let go easily.

Even some women at the bar scene have become influenced by evilness. Imagine meeting a decently attractive blonde woman who suddenly tells you that religion was created to control the population. And that “you can become a god, and I believe in you.” While everyone holds the right to voice their opinion, it just shows you how soulless our society has become.

Is there a solution or are we all doomed? The solution is to work on further developing your insight into your intuition. We can often prevent many scenarios and situations which are influenced by evilness, if we only trust our gut and act accordingly. But if we continue to go astray by feeding our bodily desires on a daily basis, then we will only continue to give evilness more power and control over our lives.

We are stronger than this.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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